Panthers with a big WIN over Adler

On Sunday, the Bundesliga will show case Footballers of the Panthers against the Dresden Monarchs in the fourth home game in a row (15 clock, Karl-Hohmann-Str.) Final with the eighth win of the season in third place. So that the climbers would prematurely as a playoff participant in the GFL fixed north. A huge success for the young team around playmaker Robert Demers, which had the derby defeat against Moenchengladbach, the Mavericks put away well from two weeks ago. There have been good to see that the offensive funktiniere yet, so Demers. It showed the 41:35 against the Berlin Adler well, so Demers, who had led his team to six touchdowns. Acknowledged was his courageous performance after two touchdown passes to Niklas Romans, three ersprinteten first attempts, and one just before the break itself Walk touchdown of league-owned internet television “GFL-TV”, which named him “Player of the Day”. In addition, he American quarterback Clint Toon Berlin congratulated after his encounter with his idea. “Great game, you have deserved to win,” said former playmaker of the Texas State Bobcats, “keep working hard, then what is in Dir”

Although the nerves of all those involved in the final two minutes were strained again properly, but defensive coach DJ Anderson was not on the bad end “. This notice is for our young players a very important experience, if they know that they can decide a close game for themselves,” Of course, it was rather a clear result, “But remember. how you need to hold themselves against the rebellion of the opponent to defend and maintain, which is important in order to develop further. “And the Panthers have done this season really had.

Dresden, however, the opposite must also provide proof again. Even and especially in the defense, for in Larry Croom finally a guest of the most effective ball carrier in the GFL Benrath. The former NFL Europe professional of the Hamburg Sea Devils, who also was with the Tennessee Titans, the San Diego Chargers, the Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers was allowed to breathe a little NFL-air, yet alone as a ball carrier, pass receiver and kick returner already good for 185 yards per game space gain and 15 touchdowns. The problem: The defense is Düsseldorf – Mönchengladbach as against the Mavericks and at least temporarily, was also against Berlin – run-heavy attack against some teams vulnerable. A complete system change, to stop Dresden and Croom, head coach Martin closes out but Hanselmann. “This simple yet we lack the class and experience. But that’s not just us this: In the short term change anything that can just keel throughout the GFL “.


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