Jamaal Jonas -N- the Players Corner !!! 8-17

#5 Jamaal Jonas”][/caption]Jamaal Jonas Weinheim Longhorns (wht) takes down Twisters RB”][/caption]Man oh Man the words I muttered all day long !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was a long hard day for us (Longhorns). We took the 2hr bus ride down to the beach to face the Twisters that we had just played a tight game with a week ago. Playing such a close game with the number 3 team in the South I though that would give move of a positive vibe coming into this game. I guess I was a little bit wrong about that as the vibe at the start of the game was very laxed for some. Knowing that the coach of this team (a good friend of mine) had put out that his team did not play their A game the first time and that this time the clear power would be seen. Come on !!!!! reading that should have had every!!!! player, coach ,fan whatever of the Longhorns fired the F up.. you would think but we seem to show up not with our A game and kinda lost it as the Twisters stormed to a 46-15 win. Playing my first game at the beach after sitting out last year I really now see and feel why it’s called the beach that’s one very hot and sandy place, LOL and if you’re not dressed for it u will know about it quick =) My poor skin lol . Well I would just like to wish the Twisters the best, for a team that just came up a year ago they have proven to be a strong GFL 2 team. Speaking on that topic of teams falling and coming up. In the south really i think the bottom 3 are in a tight fight but the Greifs are not as strong in a few areas that Weinheim and Frankfurt are stronger in. I would also like to put out there for the haters that don’t think that way .. if you seen the 2nd game vs the Greifs you would have clearly seen they are the bottom team and not the Longhorns. Hell the call a few TD’s back on some B.S!!! . Not to mention they had shanks hid out thurr!!! and As for the top team lol im shaking my head if they really think they bout to do what they are doing in the 2nd league lmao not going to happen just be thankful if you make up tho and big up’s if yall make it but damn dont be so cocky dat gets ugly after a min lol .. call me a hatta if u want..lol SO. Any ways its back to the Wildcats this weekend as import Qb Jack Sanlon comes to town after a very close lucky win in the second week of the season. This was one of our early games that was played to the end with all of what we had, just had a bad break late in the game that gave them the chace to steal it away ..lol danke schon Tuck !!!!!!! Well its few days before game day so ill be getting back with you all very soon !!!!!! Record- 1-10-1


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