Hall over power Stuttgart !!!!!!

The Unicorns made it exciting on Saturday. Was before 1380 spectators at first, especially the Defense Haller and weaknesses to break the game against Stuttgart Scorpions was still wide open. At the end of the TSG-football player with a 54:35 lead but their twelfth consecutive victory.

“If you want to win in Schwäbisch Hall, then they will just make every possession and points,” Stuttgart coach Matthias Mecherlein Head said after the game. In the first half of his offense was so nearly succeeded, what the game given the clear first-leg success 60:24 Haller was surprisingly exciting. For three long passes from quarterback Daniel Polk of Stuttgart, of which two directly Fabian Weigel turned into touchdowns, was the Defense Haller performed very poorly. Could it be the Scorpions made at this stage of the game with needless penalty yards is not even difficult, a Stuttgart-based leadership in Hagenbach stadium would have been possible.

The usual points-hungry Haller offense made sure that the home side delivered despite the blunders in the defense with the Stuttgart in Baden-Wuerttemberg summit in the GFL also an exchange of blows before the break on equal terms. That one could earn at halftime with a slight advantage was 34:28, an onside kick after the touchdown, thanks in 21:14. Took advantage of the ensuing possession after John Brenner pass from Aaron Boehme (PAT Christian DeVincentis) to 28:14. Hall was for the first time that afternoon with two touchdowns in the lead.

After the break, the Unicorns initially lacked the calm of the river and in offensive play. The touchdown by Mark Fried at 40:28 rather then acted as the reward for hard work. Haller for fans of the Twelve-point lead was thus only slightly reassuring, especially since the guest could bring to the kickoff of the Hall 28-yard line, and thus far in half the TSGler in position.

For the real turning point in the game shortly thereafter saw Bruno Michitti. With his ninth pass interception this year, he wore spectacularly over 85 yards to 47:28 (PAT Ehrenfried) into the end zone in Stuttgart, the much talked about in the game changed momentum clearly on the side of the Unicorns. Stuttgart saw his hopes swim away and worked from then on almost listless, especially since the Defense Haller acted much more strongly than before the break. Finally surrendered to their fate, the guests, as Dusty Hill succeeded the throne in the third quarter with a 2-yard run to 54:28 (PAT Ehrenfried) the preliminary decision.

In the last quarter both sides employed a reinforced their replacement players, which took the game clearly set the pace. Steffen Haenelt succeeded briefly before closing at 54:35 Stuttgart (PAT Sascha Wurster) to shorten. In view of the twelfth victory in a row could easily get this TSGler.

“With this offense, I’m satisfied,” Halls Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke said after the game. “The defense and our special teams showed in the first half but amazing weaknesses. We have made some cheap touchdowns in Stuttgart. . Because I still have a need for discussion “From the perspective of the Haller head coach but there was also another factor, which his team on Saturday made life difficult:” Stuttgart has now presented a great offense for long stretches. ”

Unicorns are now before the two play-free weekends. On 3 September (17 clock) are then the fighting against relegation Saarland Hurricanes guest at Hagenbach stadium and a week later, the Unicorns have to play to complete the first round in Maribor. The home advantage in the quarterfinals, the TSGler already safely in the pocket. This game is played against the third or fourth of the GFL-North will be held on 17th September (16 clock) in Haller Hagenbach Stadium.

The points for Hall achieved: Dusty Thornhill (12), Christian DeVincentis (4), Thomas Hambalek (6), Felix Brenner (6), John Brenner (6), Justice Joslin (6), Mark Ehrenfried (8) and Bruno Michitti (6).

Quarter results: 14: 14 / 20: 14 / 20:0 / 0:7 / 54:35 Final


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