Die Detlef Sho !!!

“I am completely satisfied. This was the first really significant victory since 2008,” rejoiced Jemil Hamiko, head coach of second division footballer of Holzgerlingen Twister, about 46:15 his team against the Weinheim Longhorns yesterday afternoon.
Already the first few minutes were quite to the liking of head coach, for no sooner had the offense of entering into the artificial turf Twister Holzgerlingen, she had also been spotted. Tobias Egeler had been successful with a beautiful run through the middle with the first touchdown, and Detlef Schuster, who yesterday made a good job and staying in the U.S. Kicker Dustin Wilke represented fine, caused by an extra point for 7-0 lead the twister. The Offense of the Weinheim Longhorns took first turn and had little existence is at the fourth attempt to rescue with a clearance. So that the twister had a poor starting position, but took Detlef Schuster has only just gaining momentum. With the egg in his hand, he ran across the right side of it all Weinheimergasse for a touchdown number two. He pushed the extra point right afterwards – 14:0. Schuster was also, who won the next touchdown. With the extra point it worked this time, however. So it was initially at 20:0. The Longhorns did visibly hard against the Defense of Twister at the time was simply not grown herb, especially when Simon Beuttler intercepted the ball to the Longhorns, and thus the twister again got the right attack. Like a steam roller, Martin Ehrenfried worked in any attempt to yard to the front yard. In a good position now came a long pass to Stephen Demarco, who caught the egg still falling, and converted the touchdown. Detlef Schuster then took the extra point for 27-0.
But now, like-for Weinheimer one sign of life. A coordination problem in the Holzgerlingen Defense took the guests from the cold and put seven points on their part. Had Twister Head Coach Jemil Hamiko until then held back, he yelled loudly but now his defense to finally keep the Longhorns would be far less than ten points. After the twister after the ball until it is lost, Detlef Schuster brought him back again but even space and gutmachte, this time it was Christoph Munster, who contributed the egg into the opponent’s end zone to 33:7. Another touchdown by Tobias Egeler and the extra point by Detlef Schuster after the break the lead to 39:7 screwed up. The two also provided for the 46:7, shortened before the Longhorns with touchdown and two-point conversion just before the finish at 15:46. “Finally we have once shown what we are capable of,” said Hamiko happy about the important points and keep the third place.


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