Coming down to it !!!

Four weeks remain until the end of the point round in the GFL before in quarter and semi finals the participants for the Bowl XXXIII on 8 Deutsch October in the MDCC Magdeburg-Arena can be determined. Seven of the eight finals spots are now awarded in the North-fighting group Berlin, Brunswick, Dresden, and possibly even to the last play-off ticket. Of particular urgency here is the direct clash of Braunschweig and Berlin on 21 August, could secure the Berlin Adler in the victory with a fourth place in the north for themselves.

The focus for the championship contender, not only the pure qualification for the finals, of course, very special interest is the fact that quarter-and semifinals then may be played at home. Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns and Kiel Baltic Hurricanes are the target of the first table space in their group already very close. Kiel this weekend, the group can bring victory in the bag when the only remaining pursuer in Mönchengladbach is a guest at the Holstein-Stadion. Last chance the Mavericks: Win with at least eight points in Kiel and set out that the defending champion of the Baltic Sea loses yet another of his games – for example, one of the two inter-conference games against the current South Second from Marburg.

Comprehensive reports from the top game on the fjord is GFL-TV – of course, the duel between the two top teams GFL-North produced the “Game of the Week” in the mission to Match, the GFL-TV weekly. The team of GFL-TV attends the League event at close quarters, is able to draw on both private as well as material from the GFL clubs every Wednesday and presented so the summary of highlights from the GFL stages as an Internet stream. In addition, the team engaged in the Internet radio range, complementing the many clubs in this area GFL efforts.

Overall, GFL TV and GFL-radio part of the Deutsch Football TV Cooperative (GFF) on behalf of AFVD Germany operated initiative, for more moving images from the German American Football to provide on-screen, whether in the “classic” TV or the use of new, innovative channels like the Internet. Also cooperation with the DSF (now Sport 1) and € 2 sports have been in recent years is the work of the GFF, which allowed live broadcasts of international matches and Deutsch Bowls are made possible in traditional television.


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