Darmstadt upsets Franken in the South !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second division footballer of the Darmstadt Diamonds have defeated the previously undefeated leader Franken Knights. With a great team effort could win the TSG-football player on Saturday in Rothenburg 20:17, but the decision came only seconds before the end, when Kai Obawole achieved a 100-meter kick-return touchdown. The Darmstadt Andreas Baumann points made (8), Alex Firsching (6) and Kai Obawole (6).

The hosts, went to the 41:7 victory marked the first leg as the clear favorite in the match began, with their good offense and scored quick 6-0 lead by the playmaker and top scorer Cedric Townsend. But after the first half was dominated by visitors from Darmstadt.

The first series of Diamonds still ended with a faded field goal, but the very next attack led to points. After a run by Frank Grimm and a pass to Alexander Firsching found themselves quickly back into the franc-half. From there, Firsching Grimm served again with a 30-meter pass to compensation touchdown to 6:6.

The Darmstadt defense could stop the statistically best attack of the league again and bring their own offensive formation into play. A pass on the good mood and Firsching runs by Andreas Baumann and Kai Obawole brought the Diamonds to the Knights in the Red Zone. A pass to Luke Auerbach and a short touchdown run by Baumann later went to Darmstadt TSG-football player for the first time in the lead. After the two-point conversion by Baumann, it was 6:14.

Short of the break, the hosts were not shocked by the gap, but were able to achieve after a long run of Townsend a 29-meter field goal. With the score of 14:9 for Darmstadt one went into the cabins.

In the second half, the Darmstadt heavy attack did and had to deliver the ball quickly. The first wave of attack, the hosts led them to 17 yards from the endzone in Darmstadt, where they played off a fourth attempt, but not the pass found its target. The best series of Diamonds ended at the 39-meter line of the Franks with a punt.

In the final quarter then the longest offensive series of the second half: Knights quarterback Townsend his team brought by two long runs and a pass to Mike Winbush up to the 26-meter line of Darmstadt, a little later to the 2-meter line. There was the defense got three plays long, but finally ran 34 seconds before the end of Townsend to lead touchdown in the endzone. The two-point conversion to Christian Welker turned 17:14 on a pass from Townsend.

The Darmstadt TSG Footballers were only a few seconds on the clock, to turn the tables yet. The kick-off of Christoph Scheiner went 80 yards to the goal line of Diamonds, where Kai Obawole caught the ball. Protected by Andreas Baumann bloom, he quickly put back the first 20 meters before he found the gap and with great joy the Darmstadt back the entire field crossed and took the lead.

Now, the hosts were again in demand. With 17 seconds on the clock they came into their own half in possession of the ball, and two quick passes at Scheiner they brought up to the day of the 31-meter line approach of Darmstadt. With 2 seconds remaining, attempted to Scheiner, a 48-meter field goal but the ball sailed left past the gate. Thus was the first defeat of the Franks under one roof.

With this surprise victory are the Diamonds for the day tied with the third-placed Holzgerlingen Twister (14:6 points) that will have the opportunity on Sunday to break away with a win again. The more interesting the game is on Saturday next week (August 20) when the twister perform in the public park in Darmstadt-Nord.

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