Derby in the Burg !!!!

Due to the rise of the Wiesbaden Phantoms in the Deutsch Football League, holds the game plan this year is a real derby ready Hesse, whose return game this Sunday at 16 clock in the Georg-Gassmann-Stadion will be held. In the first leg is the favorite of Marburg did half time very hard, before they could be retracted after the change, ultimately a safer 21:7 victory. Meanwhile, the table constellation is such that the Phantoms can play completely reassured. With the playoffs you have to do this year any more than with the relegation. Thus, the goal for the season was secured early. The Mercenaries, on the other side to fight for the right home in the playoffs, which is only guaranteed if you end up at least is number two of the GFL Group South. An important step in this direction was taken last weekend already made back when you could conquer the Saarland Hurricanes in the most adverse circumstances staff.

These adverse circumstances of personnel justified mainly on the loss of running back and linebacker Clark, Joe Torry Cornett, his character top tackler the “mercenaries” in this season. On the position of the ball carrier could then prove to Frank Roy, Ryan Bass, Bastian Nau and Raphael Eisenberg a variety of players. Together we joined the huge gap that was due to the failure of one of the best running backs of the GFL originated. In Defense of you are happy that linebacker Thomas Allbrecht is for personal time off and rejoined the team enhances a position that was occupied at least in the past quite thin. Wiesbaden is against it, according to many observers arrive mainly to the fact that to establish passing game. In this area, namely the Phantoms ranked in last place of the GFL-statistics, what surprised you saw it just in this area before the big favorites from Schwäbisch Hall from last quite well. Furthermore, it is assumed that the Mercenaries are trying a lot of pressure on opposing quarterbacks exercise.

The strengths of the team from the Hessian state capital are in a good defensive line, led by the two national player Milan Misic and Sven Rieger, and a team of young, talented receivers who before the season by the involvement of ex-Mercenary Marcel scent has been enhanced even further .

Kickoff of the game is on Sunday 14/08/2011 at 16 clock in the Georg-Gassmann-Stadion in Marburg.


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