Close Call 4 Die Twisters !!!

A significant victory is different: The second division footballer of Holzgerlingen Twister won the penultimate Weinheim Longhorns with 27:18. Head Coach Jemil Hamiko was nevertheless satisfied with the performance of his team, especially since he could be the first time many replacement players gain experience.

“Well, somehow it is probably not in the nature of wood Gerlinger, games to win clearly,” it took Jemil Hamiko with humor. Last week the subject Weinheim Longorns with 0:66 still on the Franken Knights. A similar result would be a great coach Holzgerlingen have preferred, but ultimately it is the two points for the victory and so right, finally Hamiko still squinting at the second place, at the end of the season entitled to relegation.
The Weinheim Longhorns put on the same Sunday afternoon with a fumble (loss of ball) going on the offense and the twister first stepped onto the playing field. Quarterback Christopher Munster, who mixes together again after two-week break was initially a little rusty, so that the twister covered with a field goal and three points from the affair. However, put the Longhorns in his first drive up, including a touchdown and extra point went so with a 7:3 lead. Exactly this situation before Jemil Hamiko had warned his team, because if the underdog is the front first, “the euphoria can make the difference.” But the twister did not depend, also increased in the second quarter after a touchdown. Martin Ehrenfried had brought the egg behind the line. When the extra point failed, however, Twister. But after yet another fumble, the offense took care of the hosts for the twister vortex. Christoph Wilke Dustin Munster with a terrific pass sent to the finish. The following also took the extra point to 16:7.
After a field goal for the Longhorns, it was again Christopher 10:16 Munster, who adapted this time to Stephen Demarco, are made all the opposing players and scored a touchdown. Martin Ehrenfried saw on top of that for two extra points for 24:10. In the third quarter had the Twister still exhibit a field goal for 27:10, but then it was over with the points chase. “In the last quarter we have experimented a lot in the defense, I’ve brought some replacement players,” said Hamiko, who took it quite calmly, that the Longhorns still came up to 18:27. “The Weinheimer were clearly better than last week. And then when a game is running yet so that I can calm my replacement players give operating times, I must be really pleased,” said Hamiko.
However, this picture is next weekend, when it again against the Weinheim Longhorns will not repeat. “We want to make clear from the beginning to the balance of power,” promises the Head Coach.


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