M.Gladbach shut-out a strong Dusseldorf Team…..

Rodney Kinlaw and John Mc Cardle had at halftime of the Lower Rhine in Dusseldorf derbies good speeches. While the host Panthers at the end of the second quarter game could not come fast enough in the cabin, the two muscle-bound Bundesliga Footballer of Mönchengladbach Mavericks on the way into the catacombs of the stadium Benrather enough time for a casual discussion. On the site you could go to the American duo to the chagrin of the hosts for not fast enough. Especially against the two Mönchengladbach ball carrier, the Panthers were earned at the 0:28 (0:14, 0:7,0:0, 0:7) defeat any means. “Today we were overwhelmed in the attack easily. This is the dues that you pay with a young team against such an opponent. Allegations I do so but no. We have lost as a team against a good opponent,” said Panthers coach Martin Hanselmann .

His Mönchengladbach opposite Walter Rohlfing was amazed at how easily his team’s victory was made. “We have stopped the Panthers with our normal defense, our plan B and C for the defense, I did not need,” said former Panthers player and coach. How weaknesses he had never seen? “Our kicking game, we can not really trust” – but that was the only thing that occurred to Rohlfing. On the other hand, could Hanselmann abgewinnen the game in spite of the weak over long distances presenting his offense at least a little good: “We never gave up, fought to the end together as a team and there has been no finger-pointing at each other,” said Hanselmann and praised the good performance of his defense. “Ultimately, our defense only two real touchdown drives have conceded, that is against a top team like the Mavericks more than respectable.”

That the Mavericks and the second season match against the Dutch Rhine rivals decided for themselves, was due not only to the individual quality of the guests. Also helped with the Panthers. Even basic things did not succeed in the place men at the beginning. Such a transfer of the crashed ice the kicker Mark de Haer brought in distress. Mavericks Crack Adam Goloboski grabbed the toy and carried it into the end zone to make it 6-0. Such blunders were not seen with the Mavericks. The Racers took advantage of the spaces are offered consistently. John Mc Cardle was at his impressive run of more than 14:0 for 50 yards (Extra point: Jungbluth) can be stopped any more than playmaker Colin Clancy, who brought in the second quarter a pass into the end zone to the Panthers at the man. Only the optimists among the 3850 spectators believed the break, given the superiority of the guests still make a comeback to the big cats.

The team of Martin Hanselmann introduced as early as the first leg, after all, a good moral to the test. Panther found as playmaker Robert Demers with a pass across half court Niklas Romans, the audience went wild. But the referee saw a foul and did not give the alleged touchdown. There were always centimeters, which was also missing in the last quarter with promising passports. Therefore, since in particular Rodney Kinlaw and John Mc Cardle took with powerful runs, the time from the clock, the Panthers stayed in front of record crowd in Benrath punktlos in a balanced second half.

While the Mavericks with her ninth win of the season prematurely reached the playoffs and only theoretically by by three defeats in Kiel, Berlin and food – with the home advantage in the quarterfinals affiliated – are sold second place can, stands for the Panthers next week, the next Duel of the table neighbors against persecutors Berlin eagle on the program. In the end, the Panthers were at least a bit of feel like a winner, because if it is sporty for the upstart against Gladbach, not for the fourth consecutive year worked, so was the record crowd of 3850 spectators a nice consolation prize.

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