Womack Out Hickey In…..

On Monday morning, the New York Lions from Braunschweig their separation from the former Head Coach Seth Womack have officially announced: “A drastic personnel changes have made the leaders of the New York Lions. After only a few months ago, the paths of the Brunswick Footballer and their head coach Seth Womack separate again. After the last stray unhappy playing in the Football League, Deutsch saw those responsible for the Saxony compelled to act at the target for the season, reaching the play-off round, perhaps to be achieved. The 30-year-old American was released from his duties last Thursday and checked the date it submits cancellation of a contract. New Head Coach of the New York Lions is supervised from this Monday (August 1, 2011) Phil Hickey, who is moving from the Munich Cowboys in Brunswick and the New York Lions now. The 46-year-old former quarterback will play in the lion city dwellers not only the position of head coach, the position of offensive coordinators and the sport director and CEO. ”

“I look forward to the new and extremely challenging task in Brunswick. It is certainly not normal to go in the middle of the season the club, but gave the sporting challenge in Brunswick and my personal situation with my family near Berlin for me the decisive factor for this decision, “said the new athletic director of Brunswick.

The Hickey’s career has long been established with international and German Football connected: With the Thunder Munich he was Operations Manager and quarterback coach for the Munich Cowboys general manager and head coach. In 1997, he was of the Hamburg Blue Devils and passing coordinator from 1997 to 2000 Game Development Manager at the NFL Europe. Among his career highlights certainly include the activities in the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Games 2002nd Soon after he moved back Ddeutschland where it was built between 2005 and 2007 the operations director at the Berlin Thunder. Tasks at the Leipzig Lions and the Danish Football Association DAFF complete the profile. Most recently he was the head coach of the GFL Süd Munich Cowboys.

As the leaders also communicate to the Brunswick expressly thank those responsible for the Munich Cowboys of President Werner Maier, this change because of their understanding during the current season allowed in the first place.

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