Schwabisch Hall The Clear Power In The South!!!!!

56:6-a surprisingly clear success, the Schwabisch Hall Unicorns could enter on Saturday at Haller Hagenbach Stadium against the Marburg Mercenaries. The Hesse put it in front of 1180 spectators their first defeat of the season, while the Unicorns now take clear course for the Südmeisterschaft 2011th

On its website, the Marburg Mercenaries had a trip to the “green hell” is announced. That they had to feel on Saturday after playing for the first quarter as if they actually got there, the Hesse probably had not even imagined. After 12 minutes of the game 27-0 documented a clear guide to the outstanding launch of Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns in the top part of the GFL-South.

The hosts were in Offense and Defense Football from the textbook and were supported by Marburger involuntarily. “We have made mistakes that we make otherwise,” Marburg’s Head Coach Joe Roman said after the game and did not mean only the four turnovers, which demanded the Unicorns his team. However, he confirmed also that there is no excuse for the bitter defeat.

Symptomatic of the Marburg game on Saturday was the kickoff after the course of the Unicorn 14:0. The Hall kicked a high ball on the second row of the Marburg Receiving team. There is, however, did nothing to start with and then the TSGler the Lederei brought back immediately, which was the basis for Haller 21:0 leadership after eight minutes of play.

A significant role in ensuring that the Marburg attack in Hall got a foot on the floor, had Unicorns linebacker Hannes Dierolf. With an intercepted pass 50 yards, including return on, a secure loose ball, the Marburg Joe Clark jumped out of the arm, and one quarterback sack, he showed an outstanding performance.

On the side of Haller Offense quarterback Aaron Boehme distributed the ball left his usual receivers, among which could well put next to Justice Joslin, Thomas Hambalek and Kai Rabus staged. The previous best for points allowed defense looked in the GFL-South while often very pale. Mercenaries because it also failed to get a passport Boehme in the fingers, the Haller playmaker can now be proud of his tenth game without a pass intercepted.

Because not only Hannes Dierolf but Jonathan Ziegner and Oliver Radke each intercepted a pass from quarterback National Joachim Ullrich, the Unicorns-Offense could not complain about boredom. The TSG-attacker could only be a few chances and were almost uncatchable schonzur half time with 37:0 lead.

Even after the break was not a rebellion on the part of the guests to feel. Hall’s offense took up where they left off in the first half and increased in the third quarter with two touchdowns to 50:0. Only in the last game section they left it a bit more leisurely. They brought more and more the second guard on the field what they did not, however, prevented the 56:0 lead. Marburg finally acquiesced in the defeat and back again relied on the backups, which it then even managed a break-even to avoid disaster and get the touchdown at 6:56.

Halls linebacker Hannes Dierolf said after the game: “My respect to the whole team! . Every second we were highly focused on the field, “His head coach Siegfried Gehrke, in spite of the clear victory, rather clarified:” This may sound silly, but I know that we have a chance to win this game high. That it runs so smooth and the victory goes down so clearly that I was surprised but then also “His team, he uttered a great compliment and praise:”.. The guys have put everything we had planned “


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