A Long Rainy Day For the Longhorns….

Shortly before the free fall are the two-GFL Footballer of the Weinheim Longhorns. After the defeat at home in 20:54 Sepp Herberger Stadion in Weinheim, stay for the team of Shawn McBrayer not many chances left to avert the catastrophe sports. Later, since the tight 33:30 victory against the Baden griffin on the opening day and the draw against the same opponent a few weeks, it rained for the Longhorns only violent defeats, realistically, could the Longhorns only against the Kirchdorf Wildcats and the return match against the Pirates keep their chances to avoid relegation.

So the losers from the GFL is miles away from the output of department heads Kris White target “for the 3rd place play along” to achieve. Worse, in a year in which, due to the structural reform of the upper classes there is only one game instead of two losers, one is in grave danger the second in a row have to accept relegation.

With a few surprises were waiting on the Frankfurt Pirates in their guest appearance in Weinheim. As the quarterback was at once Clarzell Pearl on the pitch, just that Pearl, who had led the Pirates last year for the climb. U.S. playmaker Tim Robinson was supposed to return, according to announcement from Pirates coach Keith Williams before the summer break in the U.S., but he was also surprising in Weinheim – as a running back and wide receiver instead of on its traditional position as quarterback.

Thus, the disaster of the Longhorns began right in the first quarter. Frankfurt won the coin toss, chose to defend the place to come and can Weinheim stop immediately. The punt is taken by S Fitz Lee and carried back over 84 yards into the endzone for the Longhorns 0-7. A loss of the ball is secured by the Longhorns Pirates DE Holger Warnke and shortly after Pearl throws a short pass to Ray Agnew to 0-14. Until the mid-term Frankfurt can maintain this advantage and so it goes with 14-29 at the break.

The Pirates now had to change, as had been injured in addition to hurricane Meral also RB Fred Liepner. But the offensive play of the guests did not impact. QB / WR Robinson, MLB Peter Mann and WR Ray Agnew helped now from this position and oppose the wine home had nothing. Sun Frankfurt posted second passage 25 and more points could be happy with a 20-54 victory over the first points won in the season.

Weinheim, however, remains only the realization that, despite four weeks break of any step in the fight to avoid relegation and that this defeat may impact on the rest of the season devastating, because it is more dependent now on the results of the competition than before. Frankfurt, however, can secure a victory in the return game at home against Weinheim almost the class, but would have two more matches against the griffin Baden, to make this happen.


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