Scorpions stick it to the Lions…

From the beginning on pages of the New York Lions not everything ran smoothly. Again and again it came on both sides of the offense, and on the part of Defense to lapses of concentration, coordination problems and unnecessary errors.
The defense held the Lions in the first quarter and had to have good contrast, only a 30 yard field goal by kicker Scorpions Sascha Wurster ran the attack of the lion city dwellers like nothing so well together. Not a single first down the offense of head coach was Seth Womack achieve against the well-established defense of Stuttgart.

In the second period, a similar picture in the attack of the lion city dwellers. What Seth Womack tried, ready either the Defense of the Scorpions had the perfect antidote to the offense or prevented by their own lapses of concentration and corresponding spatial gain error.

So it came as it had come, and the Stuttgart Scorpions took advantage of good field position after a punt from the New York Lions to put himself under the guidance of its agile quarterback Daniel Polk vorzuarbeiten up two yards from the endzone in Braunschweig.

Running back Patrick Scott, it was then left to bridge the remaining yards for the 10-0 lead (PAT S. Wurster) for Stuttgart.

Just before the half time whistle it was then again Scorpions kicker Sascha Wurster who expanded the lead with a field goal at 13-0.

Took over after the break on the part of the Lions quarterback Mike Friese by Dennis Carpenter at the helm of the lions attack townspeople and for the first time that day, the lion toward the end zone and scored Stuttgart First Down First Down marched around. Unfortunately, but then about 30 yards from the endzone and the Scorpions played out despite a fourth attempt to end abruptly. The Stuttgart were able to turn in the following by their increase in good mood that day kicker S. Wurster with his third field goal of the day, at 16:0.

With this decent head start from the perspective of the host, it went well into the fourth and final quarter of play.

The defense of the New York Lions acted better now and let the Stuttgart, score for the time being no other possibility. Mike Friese in the attack of the lions were safe and got himself and the attack of the lion city dwellers with some good passes and runs by Jabari Johnson until just before the endzone for the Scorpions. But there left the lion pride and happiness that you failed the fourth attempt, after a catch was by Christian Bollmann in the end zone of the Scorpions as “out of bonds” given.

To have again motivated by preventing the connection touchdown, the Scorpions made now working to put the Lions a fatal blow. By two silly penalties of defense, gave one of Stuttgart at a drive 30 yards and could then do not subsequently prevent Stuttgart playmaker D. Polk, his receivers Lasse Ahlgrimm was completely detached in the end zone of the Lions for a touchdown from 20 yards. The subsequent “Two Point Conversion” finished Daniel Polk itself and thus increased the lead of the hosts on 24:0.

The conclusion of a completely messed-up day from the perspective of the Lions was then ultimately still an unfortunate interception by Mike Friese. Once again the team had worked until shortly before the end zone, the Stuttgart, Mike Friese wanted at the last moment before a sack Pitschen the ball to his receivers. Unfortunately, a Stuttgart defender reacted quickly and was able to intercept the ball. Stuttgart had just run out of time and then celebrated the historic victory in their view extensively.

For the team, the New York Lions, it was a sad and annoying trip.

They had themselves beaten and suffered a serious setback in the battle for play-off places.

For a long time to lick wounds and ponder is not already on the coming Sunday (July 31, kick-off 15 clock) is the next difficult task away to the program. To speak with you then at the Düsseldorf Panther team who are currently promoted as a surprise third place in the table in the GFL Nord.


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