Adlers just dont have the power to take down Hall

Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns put off to a flying start on Saturday. Already in the fourth turn was Kai Rabus Aaron Boehme, a 47-yard pass to 7-0 lead (PAT Mark Ehrenfried) served. But that’s not enough. Berlin’s offense came onto the field and Hall Linebacker Simon Brenner promptly fished a pass from Clint Toon from the air. Haller brought the torch to attack again at Berlin’s 10-yard line in position. An opportunity which could not escape Boehme and even to 14:0 (Ehrenfried PAT) increased. Haller is a dream start, the Berlin could cloud the field goal for 3:14 in the first quarter only slightly.

The Haller dominance should not stop permanently. “The offense I would have wanted more flow”, said later Halls Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke. He also had to watch as his offense came falter after the first change to the side. “We have been noted, the four-week World Cup break,” said Gehrke. But it was also due to the strong Eagle defense that Boehme needed more time to find free play stations. At the same time was also running back Tory Cooper of Berlin into the game and marked with a 20-yard touchdown run to connect to 10:14 (PAT Justin Sterz). That the Unicorns 20 seconds before halftime but a 9-yard pass from Boehme to Justice Joslin (PAT Ehrenfried) had managed to 21:10, then almost as a liberation.

After the break, dominated the first Defense Haller, who managed a total of four times to bring the Berlin quarterback Clint Toon in his own backfield to the ground. Twice in succession, they forced the Eagle offense to exemplary relief kicks and thus prepared the ground for the TSG-be attackers and Justice Joslin. To see so little of the Haller scorer for much of the first half was, the more he dominated the game in the third quarter Haller. Every second pass from Boehme landed safely in the hands and even the Joslin 21-yard pass to 28:10 (PAT Ehrenfried) was caught by him.

Who then shortly after the last change sides believed that Marco would honor Miller field goal for 31:10 the game already decided, had not reckoned with the team from the federal capital. The Eagles took the game by Clint Toon touchdowns and the Eagles on Saturday is by far the best receiver Daniel Vöhringer (both PAT mush) at 24:31 again really exciting. They had tasted blood and three minutes from time they wanted to create onside kick by the requirement for compensation, but it kicked the ball into the arms of Hall’s Dusty Thornhill. Of the returned goods Lederei promptly than 50 yards to now actually decisive touchdown (PAT Ehernfied). Secured, the Haller 38:24, becoming the first home win against the Berlin Adler little later by the sixth interception of Bruno Michitti this season.

“Berlin is a great team and it was unusual for us, as a home favorite against the Eagles to compete,” Siegfried Gehrke said after the game. “. At the end we were able to maintain this pressure level and I am also very pleased overall with the game” same thing happened in Berlin Head Coach Dave Likins, who congratulated the Unicorns to victory and paid tribute to them indirectly profound respect: “I am proud of the way My team has presented itself. After all, we had a chance to win against the Unicorns. ”


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