Battle 4 the play-offs

Many things have happened in the weeks since the last game against the Berlin Adler.
For one thing, the lion city dwellers once again cope with departures of key personnel.

Particularly difficult it weighs the departure of wide receiver Hemaseh Heidary.

A career change, which makes it necessary for him to move to Hamburg, allows him to no longer be active for the New York Lions.

Furthermore, even DeMario Jones is no longer part of the team of Seth Womack. The only team in May for the Americans is rammed after only two games in the Lions jersey, already back in the U.S.. Homesickness and problems getting used to life in Brunswick, have not a further stay until the end of season made it possible.

But also positive is the pride of lions for the game against Stuttgart Scorpions reported.

Soeren Wendland is this coming Sunday for the first time the Lions jersey on the New York strip and the heavily battered in recent games Offense Line reinforce the lion city dwellers. In addition, Mike Friese, after five years of abstinence Football reenter the football field and give the Lions more depth in the squad and playful ways to the position of quarterback.

In the remaining eight games of the regular season, it applies to the New York Lions in every game to give everything to the award of the play-off places in the GFL North to continue to have a say. Counting on the part of Defense currently one of the best teams in Germany, one must specify in the offense still a lot to stay in the GFL on the ball.

For a start you can hopefully make on Sunday against the Stuttgart Scorpions.

You must not underestimate the team Scorpions Head Coach Matthias Mecherlein.

With players on offense as running back Patrick Scott and quarterback Daniel Polk, the Stuttgart are especially dangerous running game. Alone raised the duo is responsible for 11 of the previously generated a total of 14 running touchdowns in Stuttgart. The offensive pass it applies mainly to take care receiver Fabian Weigel. Currently with seven touchdowns and 507 yards of extra space, it ranks highly in the statistics of GFL.
On the part of Defense determines linebacker Jason Scott and national player of the action. He is only just statistically Lions behind top tacklers Kerim Homri in the top five best defenders in the GFL. But the other players in the defense of Stuttgart, are always able to stop the offensive play of the opponent.

On Saturday the team to make the New York Lions on their way to Stuttgart and then rested on Sunday to tackle the game can be.

Thus, all the Lions fans stayed home to watch the game, the web radio team will once again transferred directly from the events live on site.


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