Canada looks to be to much 4 France…

The second match of Group B started with the kick-off of the current vice-European champion, France. But it took only two minutes for the Canada Cup rookie scored his first touchdown. Quarterback Michael Faulds fake a pass and ran before, contrary to all expectations towards the end zone, bringing the Canadians 7-0 lead. The lead was only four minutes, as wide receiver Anthony Dable a strong long pass from quarterback maxim Sprauel could catch in the endzone. Thus, the game was balanced for half of the first quarter again – 7:7. The following minutes of the first period of play were dominated by both defenses, which had the consequence that were changed with the balanced score the sides.

Team Canada increases steadily

Only a few seconds after the start of the second quarter, brought the French football, Bruno Nekili, the Equipe tricolor by a field goal in the first with 10:7 lead. The next drive the Canadian was indeed characterized by great running games, but quarterback Michael Faulds had suffered an interception as defensive backs Alexandre Marquignon intercepted his pass. The French, however, could not capitalize on it and had to punt after a short time. The ensuing counterattack of “Maple Leaves” was successful, however, as Matt Walters scored a touchdown. About eight minutes before the break, the running back is fueled by the French Defense and put it on for Canada 14:10.

It should not remain in the second quarter, as approximately three and a half minutes before going into the cabins was the team-pursuit Canada. Running back Pierre-Michel Pontbriand found a hole in the defense of the French and increased his touchdown run to 10:21. The subsequent drive of the French team did not again be counted, which could exploit the Candians in return. After the advance team from Canada to the 5-yard line, the French could, but more and more lost in space, including kicker Lirim Hajrullahu had the lead with a field goal to expand further. By 24:10, from the Canadian context, both sides agreed at the half time break.

France’s defense tries to prevent worse

The second half began with a drive of the French, but could achieve no greater space savings. Thus, the Canadians came back after a short time in possession, with quarterback Michael Faulds, it was increasingly difficult to get the ball to the man, because of pressure from the French Defense was always stronger. After the Canadian team fought closer to the French end zone, it was finally back to the quarterback himself, who expanded the lead. The number 3, Michael Faulds went nearly two minutes before the final quarter and even scored his second touchdown of the evening to 31:10 lead.

Canada was not to slow

Even in the last quarter was no change in the playing characteristics. It took only minutes to the Canadian team at the end zone again knocked the Frenchman. So it was again the running back Matt Walters, who durchtankte six minutes from time with a full body application by the French defense and put up 10:38. No sooner were the French in possession of the ball, it was typical for the game to an interception by defensive backs Troy Adams, who scratched his arrival at the French end zone. Used this promising position of wide receiver Shamawd Chambers, who continued two minutes before the end of the Canadian power demonstration and concerned with his touchdown the final score 10:45.

France (0-1) vs.. Canada (1-0) 10:45


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