Polish Superfinal Live !!!!!

For the first time in the history of American football in Poland, a PLFA game will be beamed to the country’s television sets! PLFA SuperFinal VI, to be played on July 17 at 4:00 PM at the beautifully-situated KS Bielawianka stadium in Bielawa, will be televised live on Sportklub, as well as through the Internet television station ipla.tv. SuperFinal VI will also be repeated three times on Sportklub and it will be available through VOD on ipla.tv. In addition, ESPN America is a partner of the game, although the station will not be televising it.

“After five years the league is ready for its next quantum leap,” says PLFA Commissioner Jedrzej Steszewski. “The great challenge before us is to show that the Polish version of this sport can be just as exciting as the other popular disciplines in our country. Football is a sport that is ideally suited to television. And with replay, both at normal speed and in slow-motion, viewers can observe not only the action around the ball, but also the eleven battles that take place on the field on any given play.”

Speaking of replay, those who attend the game will be able to watch the action on a 24-square-meter screen set up at the stadium. In addition to that, gates will open at 12 noon for a tailgate party, complete with food and drink, contests and giveaways. The halftime entertainment will be provided by the hip-hop group Wice Wersa, and cheerleaders will perform throughout the game.

In recognition of its elevated status, Poland’s championship game has been given a new name this year: SuperFinal. The name was chosen specifically as its Polish version, SuperFinal, differs by only one letter from its English one. The name alludes to one of the world’s biggest sporting events, the Super Bowl, although it is more appropriate in representing the international nature of the league itself.

SuperFinal VI will be played on a field specially dressed for the occasion. Viewers would be forgiven for thinking they were seeing a game broadcast straight from an American university in September, thanks to over 200 liters of paint and the hard work of the organizers. Przemyslaw Klinger, President of the Bielawa Owls team and chief organizer of the SuperFinal, explained: “This year we installed professional goal posts at the field, whose grass will be painted not only with every line, hash mark and number, but also with the team logos in the end zones and the PLFA logo at midfield. Everything will be measured to the centimeter.”

The contestants for the title game were decided over the weekend of July 2-3, when the Wroclaw Crew defeated the Gdynia Seahawks and the Wroclaw Devils defeated the Warsaw Eagles in the national semifinals. The game will be a rematch of last season’s championship, one of three incredibly competitive games played between the two Wroclaw teams. The Devils won both meetings last year, including the championship and an overtime victory in the regular season that is regarded by many as the greatest game played yet in Poland. The Crew, undefeated this season, got a small measure of revenge with a 41-34 victory earlier this year.

Tickets for SuperFinal VI can be purchased through the league’s official website, http://www.plfa.pl, as well as through the ticketing website http://www.biletin.pl.


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