Orebro Black Knights signed Big Time Lineman

Swedish football team Orebro Black Knights have signed defensive end Kwame Jordan on a short term contract. The 24 year old Louisiana native was available after being released by Arena League team New Orleans Voodoo earlier this summer.

After being a regular starter for all of his senior year, and part of his junior year, with the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (NCAA Division I), as well as playing pro football with the New Orleans Voodoo, Kwame Jordan is one of the most renowned players to ever play in the Swedish Superserien.

“Our goal for this season is to reach the playoffs”, says Black Knights president Micael Jonsson. “We are not living up to those expectations right now, and need to win three out of the remaining four regular season games to qualify for the playoffs. We will do whatever it takes to reach that goal.”

Orebro headcoach Peter Ericson is very happy with the signing, as he adds another defensive weapon to his arsenal. “At the summer break we evaluated our season so far, after six games, and felt that several of our losses had been close games, and that we were just missing a little bit of an extra edge to turn those losses into wins.”

“With Kwame we will be able to dominate one side of the line of scrimmage, and we will be able to put pressure on the quarterback on every play. Our defense is already pretty good, but this gives us another ace up or sleeve.”

Kwame Jordan himself is excited about going to Sweden, and explains why he ended up accepting Orebro Black Knights offer. “I decided to join the Black Knights because I get the vibe that it is a solid organization that is built on great people, good morals, and an even greater love for the game.”

His future in football was uncertain, after being released by New Orleans Voodoo in May, and the offer from Sweden was a bit of a surprise. “My future with football was up in the air and then I received a few calls. I was getting ready to go into my other profession, sociology, but I believe I feel good about the Black Knights for a reason and hopefully we can win some games, a championship, and maybe we can do it all again next year…”

Jordan will fly to Sweden during the final week of July, to start practicing with his new team mates. His first game in a Black Knights jersey will be on Friday August 12th when the Orebro-team travel to Karlstad to take on 2010 Swedish Champions Carlstad Crusaders.

Additional info: The Swedish league – “Superserien”

Senior football in Sweden is organised in two different levels depending on the quality of the team. Superserien is the top level, where the best six teams play. Below Superserien there are four, geographically divided, leagues called Divsion 1.

The winner in each Division 1 (North, South, East and West) will progress to the Divsion 1 playoffs, and the best two teams from there will play the bottom two teams in Superserien to compete for a spot in next season’s Superserien. This means that Superserien is not a closed league – it is possible to get promoted to and relegated from Superserien.

In 2011 the 6 Superserien teams are: Carlstad Crusaders (2010 Swedish Champions), Arlanda Jets, Stockholm Mean Machines, STU Northside Bulls, Tyreso Royal Crowns and Örebro Black Knights.

The six teams play each other twice, home and away, in the 10-game regular season. The top four teams will then progress to the semifinals and eventually the Swedish Championship Game. The bottom two teams will have to play the top teams from Divsion 1, to defend their spot in Superserien for the following season.

Additional info: Orebro Black Knights

Based in the city of Orebro (population: 120,000), the Black Knights are a football club that has active teams in organised competition from the ages of 11 and up. The senior team (varsity) progressed from Division 1 to Superserien this year. The current Superserien-campaign is the Black Knights first effort in the top league since 2004. Orebro has never won the Swedish Championship, but have played in two Championship Games – 1998 and 1999 – losing on both occassions to Stockholm Mean Machines.

The team currently has one professional player – 24 year old quarterback Cody Ladutko, from Charlotte, NC. Other outstanding players are running back Anton Kallvik, safety Johan Stal, linebacker Niklas Persson Ghylfe and defensive end Claes Unestahl that are all at a level comparable to that of a NCAA Division III player.

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