Mexico with a few high-profile players

While in the United States and Canada in terms of the squad for the football World Cup in Austria is currently only in part shall operate and the players for the tournament in the Alpine republic were given only piecemeal known, the Mexican Association of has now nails done the job properly. The Federacion Mexicana de Futbol Americano (FMFA) and their head coach Raul Rivera have already complete the 45-man squad announced, will represent Mexico at the World Cup. “I think we’ve put together a team that can compete with any other team than this world championship,” head coach Raul Rivera proclaimed when announcing the squad.

The burden is certainly not easy. Because at the World Championships in 1999 and 2003 each reached the final of Mexico, but always subject to the Mission of Japan. However, these two world title fights were held even without the participation of the United States. Is to tie in with the aspirations of Rivera’s previous successes to fall back on some players who were both in the practice squads of some NFL teams or were active in the NFL Europe. The backbone LB Eduardo Casta Dena (Arizona Cardinals), DT Mauricio Lopez (Oakland Raiders), LB Manuel Padilla (Denver Broncos), OT Ramiro Pruneda (San Francisco 49ers), DT Saloman Solano (Baltimore Ravens). These players were not only the practice squads of NFL teams called acting, but played and still play at their home clubs in Mexico.

It will mainly be no stranger DT Saloman Solano also in Germany, in 2006 he played for the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe, then to gather in the young talent the NFL for various program teams, at least in the Practice Squad valuable experience. A similar OT Ramiro Pruneda Vita can also look. He also played football in Germany in 2006, but for the Cologne Centurions.

The nomination of LB Jovanni Carrillo shows that even in Mexico is the youth on the rise and the youth development work is bearing fruit. Carillo plays since two years ago at the first Junior World Championship in Canton for his home country. Saloman Solano was also active in the Junior World Championships, but as a coach. He was also on the coaching staff of the World XI that played in 2009 and 2010 during the Super Bowl against the junior selection of the United States.

The Mexican national team will be on 04 July to leave for a training camp in Vienna. The tournament will then start on 10 July, against the German national team. The claims in the face of the squad are also correspondingly high. “Mexico was twice vice-champion in the men’s World Championships. But with this team, we hope and we want to achieve it, we will win this tournament, “said association president Jorge Orobio.


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