Half-way point!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huddle Verlag) Exactly half of the point round of the GFL-2011 season is completed – and this year continues in the top division of American continue football in Germany’s long-term trend: The number of the limited results of the games with dramatic course to conclusion is steadily increasing. Nowhere else in the European Football of the performance gap between top teams and the teams in the lower half of the table is so low as in the German GFL. The superficial glance at the table does show that both are in the north with defending champion Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and south with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns those teams at the top that you had to expect there before the season starts. Behind it is documented already in the “Standings”, how balanced is the race for the eight playoff spots, and even on closer inspection some of the game fills in the last time, were forced to make even the so called top teams tremble mightily .

This is all the more remarkable this year, the league has been expanded as a first step in the expansion to 14 teams of twelve. But all four climbers at once have proved that doubts are not attached to their suitability for the higher levels in the GFL. Wiesbaden stunned with a draw at the very beginning of the established Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Germany took over – as in very, very old days – unbeaten callous even for five weeks, the table top in the north, before working in front of 4,000 spectators at home against champions Kiel and last week, second leg on the Baltic Sea, the first shock occurred. The Saarland Hurricanes lacking, especially in the duels against Munich just lucky to even intervene in the race for the play-offs. Mönchengladbach Mavericks and had to bend so far only the two finalists of last year, and last against the keel to the final had their chance of winning stock.

The first interim results of ongoing reform to the top leagues may therefore be positive. The steadily increasing number of members (over 40,000) and assets in German football, even and especially in youth, had led the AFV Germany to increase with the start of this season, the number of teams in the professional leagues. This happened against the background that can change not just as in professional sports, the greatest players (and certainly not the young) automatically to the top clubs and the talent is then concentrated in these teams. For virtually all German Footballer of the sport in addition to vocational training or other personal factors and is only one additional criterion in the choice of residence, is a consequence of above-average loyalty club. For Germany the IFO results from the task of the players close to home to give the opportunity in as many different capacities can be active. GFL and GFL cover 2 in its current composition in this sense from the peak area for eleven of the 16 states (more than in almost any other team sports in Germany). And despite the increase, or precisely because of the effects described above, the average level of performance compared to previous years, increased rather than fallen.

The newcomers of 2011, but also an exemplary way: The Düsseldorf Panther are more than 30 years since a club that is based on a full on youth-oriented concept. Number of ways there are spawned talents (including the NFL-German Sebastian Vollmer, for example), which are then generally loyal to the club as adults. Mönchengladbach Mavericks also beneficiaries are from the exploding growth area in North Rhine-Westphalia junior, should constitute the basis for further medium-strong GFL teams in the region. Similarly, the Panthers moved in decades, Wiesbaden Phantoms what to expect coupled with the equally successful youth policies in Hesse as ensuring that the club must now prepare for a longer-term future in the GFL. And the Saarland Hurricanes are an example of that, particularly in “outlying areas” of long-term concepts succeed. Especially there is clearly the effect that well-trained can form their own offspring the basis of a successful dedicated community that can compete well in the long run in the highest performance class.


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