Walk in the park ??

But first things first: Marburg started strong in offense and defense, like the first two drives used on items in the form of a Joe Clark touchdowns and led so already by the end of the first quarter with 14:0. Most Busy Man with the Scorpions at the time was a punter Sascha Wurster, who was allowed to carry the egg back to the opponent with regularity. The second quarter did not reveal a different picture. Marburg switched at will, has felt little resistance, and increased exposure to 21:0 so logical as his quarterback, receiver Fithie Stefanos Ullrich was in the end zone. Shortly before the change could then still Marburg new kicker, the Hungarian Cjaba Majoros, show that it is equipped with a powerful leg, as he almost effortlessly hit from 46 yards over the bar. The only downer of the first half was an interception by Ullrich, for the National linebacker Scott Jasson was responsible.

After the change we saw while on the “Emotionalitätsskala” of Swabia a significant upward deflection, the game progresses, however, this changed nothing. Was initially a fumble-return touchdown by Benjamin Sheppard because of a rule violation during the subsequent block failed, it was a short time later achieved wide receiver Philip Prohaska by Ullrich exemplary uses the 30:0 before Peter Mueller kick point No. 31 worried by . It was then that Peter Mueller also reserved by field goal to achieve from the local point of view the last points of the game. His field goal from 27 yards meant the 34:0 intermediate state before they started on the side of the home team alert durchzuwechseln. What came next was very little worth mentioning, except for an interception by Christian Graw and the fact that Marburg’s running back Joe Clark is not even on this score was too good to sprint after a lost fumble on across the entire playing field to the Return Touchdown to prevent. Although this was ultimately postponed only because Scorpions quarterback Steffen Haenel as early as next turn from close range to 34:7 completed, but this scene was once again impressively that the Mercenaries in the choice of ball carrier in terms of skills and attitude before the season have demonstrated a knack.


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