2011 Champs!!!!!!!!!!

Before 8600 spectators at the Tivoli Stadium in Innsbruck – a new record for a football match in Austria – the hosts were given great support from their “big brother”, the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiderettes fired incessantly at the audience and “Hall of Famer,” Willie Brown pushed the Tyroleans the thumb.

“It was a great experience and a great game,” said Brown. “The atmosphere was really impressive. SWARCO Raiders deserved to win.”

SWARCO Raiders Head Coach Shuan Fatah was also satisfied. “I’m pleased for the crew She has worked hard and earned that title but we absolutely must not now be full on Thursday we want to win the Austrian Bowl…”

On Thursday, 23 June SWARCO play the Raiders in the final of the Austrian national championships in Vienna’s Ernst-Happel stadium in Vienna, Raiffeisen Vikings.

Running Back Florian Grein scored 136 runs at 25 yards and a touchdown. He was named MVP of the game. It was Grein third MVP in a win € Bowl finals. Quarterback Kyle Callahan brought in six of 12 passes for 98 yards and had 9 passes for 32 yards. Talib Wise wide receiver caught two balls for 49 yards and had four passes for 11 yards and a touchdown. Wide receiver Andrew Pröller caught 2 balls for 30 yards and scored with a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Kicker converted two field goals Wiehberg Dennis and contributed a total of 17 points.

The defense of the Raiders forced three turnovers SWARCO. Linebacker Christoph Schilcher conquered a fumble. Markus Krause Safety and Safety John Clements began each one interception. Defensive Back iron leader Manuel forced fumble and one also caught an interception.

After the kickoff of the hosts began the first drive of the Berlin game at their own 26-yard line. Running back Tory Cooper started with runs of 7 yards and 5 yards. A penalty against the Tyrolean gave the Eagles 15 yards. But at the opposing 39-yard line arrived, a leader of iron Tackle caused a fumble. Schilcher took the ball and carried it up to Berlin’s 40-yard line.

A 14-yard pass from Callahan Pröller brought the first first down. It was followed by two cycles of Wise over each 6 yards. A penalty gave the home side back 10 yards to the 20-yard line. Callahan took Pröller but at the 7-yard line. Grein subsequently achieved a first down at the 5-yard line. Wise move to the next ran into the end zone. Wiehberg converted the extra point to 7-0 for the SWARCO Raiders. It was still 5:12 minutes to play in the first quarter.

After a kickoff began at the Berlin Trickspielzug the second offensive series of attacks on the offense’s 47-yard line. The defense quickly forced a punt and then the offensive came at their own 13-yard line back to the ball Grein opened the drive with runs of 15 yards, 16 yards and 12 yards. Callahan then sprinted 13 yards up to the Berlin 25-yard line. After three rounds of Grein at the 19-yard line increased Wiehberg arrived with a 36-yard field goal for 10-0. It was the last play of the first quarter.

Berlin’s third series began on its own 39-yard line. With runs of Cooper walked up to the Eagles 31-yard line, the Tyrolean. Then quarterback Clint Toon ran up to the 13-yard line of the hosts. Shortly thereafter, Toon threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Danilo Gonzalez Naranjo. The extra point by kicker Benjamin wide band of failed and the Raiders were SWARCO 9:04 minutes before the end of the second quarter with 10:6 in front.

The third series of the hosts ended with a punt. Wide Receiver Pascal Maier pummeled the ball to the 7-yard line in Berlin. The defense did not allow any room of the Tyrolean profit and also forced a punt. Clements was hampered at the CATCH, which bestowed the Tyroleans 15 yards and a first down at Berlin’s 29-yard line. Grein took his team with runs of 7 yards and 5 yards to the 17-yard line. A short time later he had another 5-yard run, before Callahan ran for 6 yards on first down. Grein tanked up to the 3-yard line. Then he rewarded himself with a 3-yard touchdown run itself Wiehbergers extra point meant the 17:6-guide for the SWARCO Raiders. There were 2:55 minutes in the second quarter to be completed.

Beginning at their own 25-yard line, took a pass from Toon Berlin for a first down at their 45-yard line. Then began a 12-yarder Gonzales Naranjo. A penalty against the home side took the ball at the 29-yard line. The eagle came down to the 21-yard line. But rather than try a field goal, went to Berlin for risk. A pass from Toon in the end zone was intercepted by Krause.

At the beginning of the second half, the Raiders got the ball first SWARCO. They started at their own 20-yard line with a 5-yard run by Grein. Callahan scored with a 6-yard run a first down. On his third attempt and 9 yards on his own 32-yard line, threw a short pass to Callahan Wise, up to the Berlin 14-yard line ran. It was followed by a 4-yard run by Grein. At the next run, he lost the ball but Pröller conquered the fumble in the endzone: Touchdown Raiders. Wiehbergers extra point increased the lead to 8:30 minutes before the end of the third quarter 24:6.

At their own 16-yard line began Berlin’s first drive of the second half. At the second turn Toon Naranjo Gonzales was at the 41-yard line. Toon ran for 5 yards. But his team had to punt a short time later. The Tyrolean then marched up to the Berlin 30-yard line before a fumble ended the drive by Grein. Again, it was Gonzales Naranjo, who advanced with a 15-yard catch gave the Berliners. Then he caught a pass in the Tyrolean 33-yard line. Shortly thereafter, Krause began almost his second interception. The Clements began then. At the fourth attempt in Berlin he was in the end zone for the site.

The attack of the hosts took over at their own 20-yard line. But the next move Callahan lost the ball and Berlin took the fumble at the opponents’ 19-yard line. Cooper ran 5 yards. Toon then threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Lars Samjeske. A tackle by Krause prevented a successful two-point conversion. Berlin shortened 9:34 minutes before the end of the fourth quarter at 24:12.

The SWARCO Raiders had to punt on their next offensive series. Berlin began at their own 25-yard line. After a penalty against the defense in the Tyrolean a pass from Toon Samjeske brought to a first down at the Tyrolean 45-yard line. A little later on the 40-yard line standing, failed a pass at the fourth attempt and the Raiders SWARCO 5:38 minutes before the end of the fourth quarter came back into possession.

Grein the Drive began with two short runs. Callahan’s pass in three attempts failed to wide receiver Jacob Dieplinger and had to punt again, the Tyrolean. The punt landed at Berlin’s 11-yard line. It was still 3:54 minutes to complete. Toon Cooper served on the Berlin 23-yard line. But let’s turn at the next leader of Berlin Iron quarterback and caught a perfect pass from the 32-yard line of the eagle.

Grein runs came with the SWARCO Raiders up at the 28-yard line. A pass from Callahan brought Dieplinger 8 yards. Wiehberg then turned with a 35-yard field goal produces the final score 27:12. Since only 57 seconds left to play.


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