Do Polk and Pittman have the Mercenariers number????

Similar thoughts may have had the Swabians, was released but their defensive coordinator, and therefore the one responsible for defending the pass right after the game. An immediate reaction was one week later at 60:24 of the high loss to the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, but it would have been presumptuous to make believe, in just a few training sessions that changes may be that the best time to pass the GFL really effective attack might contain. Can still pull at the local “mercenaries”, however, were unmistakable progress in the 41:17 victory, and now wait for their team from the first leg, the right lessons.

Traditionally, a pure “running team”, the Scorpions returned to the old system a few years back and began to send a more conventional offense on the field. Latest at the time of commitment Ira Vandever dawned a new era, which brought the Porsche-dwellers by adult success. Meanwhile, one with a quarterback Daniel Polk, who on a good day, any Defense stir vigorously and with Ahlgrimm, Weitzel, and more recently the Americans Wesley Pittman has the appropriate play stations for it. Was the offensive centerpiece, however, remains evergreen Patrick Scott, a former violinist, like no other in the past at a constant level of recall performance. The strengths are clearly in the defense against the run (currently fourth in the statistics of the GFL), while you have big problems against the pass and this holds the last place of the statistics. It is generally expected that Marburg will try to exploit this vulnerability, but without neglecting the running game.

And why, one has but with running back Joe Clark, one of the revelations of the season in its ranks, which last shone with 184 yards and four touchdowns against Munich. Particularly evident was that Clark will still turn up, as everyone else seemed to get tired around him. Also presented are outstanding so far the run defense of the “mercenaries” who currently occupy the first rank of undisputed statistics of the GFL. It is clear to everyone that this is a snapshot of concerns that the “hard nut to crack”, especially the running game at the Kiel Michael Andrew, still come, but this snapshot shows very clearly that the current system works.

Kick off the game is on Sunday 19/6/2011 at 16.00 clock in the Georg-Gassmann-Stadion in Marburg.


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