Unicorns maul the Black Hawks 63-27

The 950 spectators in the stadium got Hagenbach Haller on Saturday 13 touchdowns seen. Nine of them reached the home Unicorns, which earned thus a clear 63:27 win over the Black Hawks Plattling.

A real touchdown rain came down in Hagenbach stadium after the game between the leaders Haller table and the table bottom of Plattling was kicked off in high summer temperatures. Maybe it was the quarter-hour delay, with his whistle for a breakdown of these two arbitrators was that one in the stadium, first experienced a cheesy first quarter. In the second the 950 spectators but more than compensated.

Hall brought a 7-0 lead by Dusty Thornhill (PAT Christian DeVincentis) from the first section and now showed Angrfiffs football from the textbook. Quarterback Aaron Boehme served his receivers at will and provided this is only an incomplete pass touchdowns by Justice Joslin (3), Dusty Thornhill, John Brenner and Brian Rushing, and six extra points by Christian DeVincentis ensured a comfortable Haller 49:15 guide to half.

Especially worth it for the touchdown was 21:0. After a punt of the Black Hawks, the Unicorns come from their own 39-yard line the ball. In the first trial runs Aaron Boehme a few steps back, looking for his receivers and throws accurately in the arms of Justice Joslin, offering at the Plattlinger 10-yard line and completed for a touchdown.

The fact that the Lower Bavarian guests by Sebastian Jahn (PAT dog Korbinian Rucker) and Andrew Blakley (CON Domenikus Haegele) also came to points, fell while almost a secondary matter. Overall, the Plattlinger attack was in fact clearly controlled by the Unicorns-Defense. The running game of the Black Hawks was completely neutralized and the guests could only shine with passes by quarterback Adam Hazel to the exceptional receiver Andrew Blakley. Four landed in this game of Hazel’s passports but also in the hands of Hannes Dierolf, Timothy White (2) and David Seiffer.

With the half time whistle, the working of Aaron Boehme was then terminated. In the second half of Halls Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke, as in the games, before his second guard on the field. Thus, also got backup quarterback Mark Ehrenfried another chance. The thanked for it with two touchdown passes to Felix Brenner and Bernd Wollensack (both PAT DeVincentis). In between, there were respectively Hazel passes to Andrew Blakley, who cared for while Plattlinger points, could not stop at the end of the clear success of the Unicorns 63:27 Haller though.

The question of whether 27 counter-points against the table bottom are not something far denied Hall’s Head Coach Siegfried Gehrke after the game. “Such a team like the Blackhawks has not be at zero points” Even before the game had Gehrke before Plattlinger Offense warned. To his own attack, he said, “You can not say that our offense was today called for a lot. Plattling problems lie in this is clearly in the Defense. ”

The TSG-football player was this victory, the sixth in a row and the clarity of these successes is impressive with an average of 45:15 points. “The schedule has ensured that we have so far outside Berlin have not had an opponent who has called us really,” said Siegfried Gehrke. “We had the South not have any real measure. But we will meet next Saturday in Stuttgart. ”

The points achieved for Hall: Dusty Thornhill (12), Justice Joslin (18), John Brenner (6), Brian Rushing (6), Felix Brenner (6), Bernd Wollensack (6) and Christian DeVincentis


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    July 10, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    • DJ

      lol lookin at that pic it do seem like he took a nice pop !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      July 11, 2011 at 8:26 am

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