Marburg walks away from shoot-out alive

Tension, thrills, and big plays – everything which makes an exciting football game saw the audience on Saturday evening at the Waldau. The Stuttgart Scorpions received the Marburg Mercenaries before 890 spectators and went to a hard-fought game by a narrow 30:39 defeat from the field. Wesley Pittman celebrated a successful debut on this side of the host.

It all started not so good for Stuttgart. Already in the second turn, were the guests from Marburg, the first time after a long pass in the end zone. The defense of the home side took too long to get right into the game and Mercenaries took advantage of this negligence and increased rapidly with a new long pass their lead. The fact that this drug was quite suitable to come quickly to points that night, both teams demonstrated. Even Daniel Polk seized from his throwing arm and now operated exemplary Fabian Weigel, Wesley Pittman and Lasse Ahlgrimm to balance just before the break.

What followed over the next two minutes was pure football. First was a long pass from quarterback Marburg’s already in the hands of Stuttgart Gabriel Kalus. However, he got him completely under control and so grateful in the end but the receiver for the touchdown. The failed attempt to get the extra point, Kalus got the chance and took the ball on the playing field and reduced the re-implementation of Marburg thus four points. But the attack by Daniel Polk now had discovered the passing game and only seconds before the half time whistle they gave the chance to turn even the score.

With the start of the second half, the Swabians erliefen over short distance, the first guide on this evening by Daniel Polk. The well-launched Marburger quarterback threw Joachim Ullrich in return for his fifth pass in the end zone and took care of the new change of leadership in the Waldau. The attempt to achieve two points was the Marburg but once again not Mecherlein and Matthias, head coach of the Stuttgart Scorpions, remained with his boys on in striking distance. But as so often decide tight games, the error between victory and defeat and such under Daniel Polk was in the form of an interception. Instead of further points for the hosts took advantage of the Hessians who them available opportunity and built their lead. In the last quarter was dominated by the defenses on both sides of the game and you could see the offensive efforts of both teams that the high temperatures and intense game its toll. After an unsuccessful field goal attempt by the Swabians, the Marburg played down the time and routinely bestowed the Stuttgart Scorpions in the first defeat of the season 2011.


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