Demers Leads Panthers pass Adler..

Slowly, Martin Hansen’s project Realtität: The coach of the Dusseldorf Panthers wanted by the climbers “win or lose more games as a season.” After 41:28 (28:14) at the Berlin eagles fill the Düsseldorf, the (net) first round in any case from already having a positive outcome – even if the game plan is still a little “crooked”. With the surprise success of the reigning Euro Bowl champions, the Panthers are likely competitors are already incredibly slow. In the fourth away game of the Football League, Group North, was the fourth victory. The points achieved for the Panthers Estrus Crayton, Niklas Romans (12 each), Dominic Hanselmann, Alexei Mittendorf (6 each) and Mark de Haer (5). With only one defeat so far this means the second place. “We can success in perhaps the best team in Europe can not expect, of which more than one can dream.” There was even flabbergasted Hanselmann

The head coach was the objective after the initial jubilation storm stressed: “. It is easy to see beautiful, what achievements our mix of many young players and some experienced veterans capable of” According to Panther playmaker Robert Demers sat together with his pass receivers on the offensive staged. Such was the end for Demers five touchdown passes beech. The sixth (in the game during the second) touchdown was by Alexei Walk Mittendorf, after Demers had led his team to the one-yard line of the hosts. According praised Hanselmann especially his playmaker – he had just returned from him and the attacking forces called for a strong performance to take something from Berlin: “Robert has now made his best game of the season. He has been stronger in the third quarter, when the Berlin after changes at the break, always remained calm and never lost his line, which was first class. ”

Besides his quarterback praised Hanselmann especially Dan Dixon. “He was everywhere today, that was unbelievable,” Hanselmann said of his American defenders Nevertheless -. And despite the rapid 14:0 leadership – was the game until the final phase open, especially in the last minute before the half. break gave both teams an offensive fireworks, which provided the 878 fans at the Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark enthusiastic. Niklas Hanselmann Roman and Dominic Cooper as well as for the guests for the Eagles for three featured events with 21 points.

After half time the hosts were better at their game and never came once to 28:28 undeserved compensation. However, the Dusseldorf, which is now controlled better with their running game the ball, beat back once again: In his second touchdown of the day, brought Oldie, Goldie ‘Estrus Crayton guests but for 35:28 in again. But still was not the decision: Three minutes from time the Berlin seven yards were faced with the Panther end zone and thus possible before equalization. But the defense held – before national player Romans struck again 50 seconds before the end Demers served his fellow players with the number 3 and sprinted 68 yards to 41:28 – the rest was jubilation in Düsseldorf. Next Saturday the Panthers to connect in Kiel. In the first leg, there had been so far the only defeat of the season.


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