Close Call for the Diamonds!!!! ( Longhorns fall short again in the 4th to a fumble)

The Darmstadt Diamonds were on Sunday (June 5) in the 2 Football League celebrate their third win in a row. In the Weinheim Longhorns, the Darmstadt TSG-football player to win a tight game with 26:20 (0:6, 6:0, 6:6, 14:4) and thus push to fourth in the table.

In the previous week were the South Hesse’s home game without points after a first half 27-0 win yet, but this time it should be much tighter. The first half was again balanced, though not without points. In the first quarter the hosts reached by a 20-yard dash by Michael Zitzmann the 6-0 before Lukas was able to compensate in the second section Auerbach after 39-meter pass from Frank Grimm. It was preceded by an interception Diamonds defender Tino Lang. With 6:6 you went into the cabins.

Who had now expected the Diamonds would control as in the first leg of the encounter after the break at will, found himself disappointed. A punt snap went awry and the guests could be captured from Weinheim to the Darmstadt 20-meter line. Longhorns U.S. playmaker Geno Waters to take the opportunity and served for Marvin Thiel touchdown pass to 13:6 lead.

Now the Darmstadt had found their offensive rhythm. A 25-meter run by Andreas Baumann and Grimm took passes on Luke Auerbach and Patrick Papke guests to just before the end zone. From there, Andrew Bowman ran for a touchdown, and it was only 13:12 in wine home.

In the final quarter of the Darmstadt attack formation came from his own 11-meter line in possession and moved the ball through legs of Baumann and sot, and by a pass to Marc Fauquembergues successfully over the whole field. The last two meters bridged then playmaker Frank Grimm himself for a touchdown to 18:13. Grimm’s two-point conversion increased to 20:13 – the first Darmstadt leadership of the lot.

After a somewhat unfortunate kick-off, the hosts were in good field position in the Darmstadt-half possession. The Weinheimer touchdown fell again by the combination of quarterback Waters and pass receiver for Thiel 19:20. The extra point landed first near the gate, but had to be repeated because of a penalty. The second attempt Denis Derbuc then met to 20:20 balance.

The offensive of the Darmstadt TSG-football player now playing like unleashed, and was also in the third series of attacks in the following points: A good return by Sebastian Biolik was followed by a run of about 40 meters Andreas Baumann until shortly before the end zone. The last five meters bridged Michael Sott with a touchdown run to 26:20 for his team.

Now it was the hosts just before the finish to balance or even take the lead back. At the center line of the Weinheimer lost the ball, but it could take back. A pass to Thiel, the team brought up to the 38-meter line. After a penalty and a run of Waters they were 18 meters in front of the end zone. Well tried the playmaker with a crowbar and even the necessary yards wanted Walk, but Diamonds player Stephan Goetz him hit the ball out of his hand, and Dominic Schreiber was able to conquer him by the 10-yard line. The game was decided and the Diamonds could breathe again.

Next Saturday, the Diamonds expected in Mannheim with the Rhein-Neckar Bandits a much stronger opponent. The first leg in Darmstadt, who won the Mannheim 21:16.


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