Bandits away in Dubai vs Da Greifs(??????)

On Saturday, the Rhein-Neckar Bandits had their own stadium in the Baden Griffin defeated with 15:26.

The griffin, the last of the table, were there from the beginning with no respect for the favored opponents from Mannheim, and showed that they had learned their lesson from the first leg last week in all areas. From the start, the guests made on all items and experience the pressure decreased concentration of the Bandits defense again and again for large space and gain points.

The attack of Mannheim on Saturday seemed to act without Danny Washington, very nervous. Although the line was always space for the running attack, but provided many individual misfortunes and mistakes vote for frequent loss of possession or a drive without a first down. Characteristic of the Mannheim problems was then that the strong running attack that had this season already dominates many game alone, had to resort to the pass in order to even to score points and stay in the game. In each half of the Mannheimer succeeded so only one touchdown and Griffin could be the frequent loss of the ball, sometimes just before the own end zone of Mannheim not ask, and often counter. Against Mannheim defense, which was not published in its other top form on the field, succeeded in Karlsruhe citizens so as to establish a stable attacking game and to keep their lead throughout the game and develop.

“The team performance was simply not present on that day. It seemed as if we were not a team but as the number of individual players on the field. The vote between the block work and lacked running just as frequently as between quarterback and Receiver. Today, the team deserved to win that acts the better team and fought for their goals until the end. “Expressed his disappointment after the game Jörn Fahrbach from the O-Line of Bandits bad about the result. With out Mr.Washington they just dont seem to be a team!!!,

Until the big game next week against the Darmstadt Diamonds, Mannheimer have time now to analyze their mistakes, improve coordination and hopefully back again to compete in its former strength. The Bandits hope, of course, back on the support of their fans when it goes on at 16:00 in MTG Stadion in Mannheim to the next home game.
For those interested in the Football Family Game Day 11:06 am also still offers the game at 12:30 of the youth and a large number of attractions outside of the field.


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