Lions-Mav’s part 2!!!!!!

The Mavericks have Mönchengladbach next Samstagin Brunswick compete with the New York Lions and would certainly, as in the first leg being earned another victory against the Lions. The hosts of Lower Saxony on the other hand want to forget the 12:22 first leg defeat to the Bulls Gladbacher file. But this time the game will be much harder to be as the Brunswick have over 4,000 home fans behind him. Mavericks For many it will be the first time to play before such a large audience. The ex-Lions and current Mavericks player Florian Pawlik, Fabian Schmid, Christian Fuchs and Patrick Neff know that the lion city dwellers are difficult to play at home.

In any case, the Brunswick have lost only one game in four games and just to the Mavericks. Overall, the Lions allowed only 32 points and make them the best defense in the league. Already in the first leg, the Mavericks had problems with the Lions defense. This is also not escaped the Lions themselves. They shall further ensure that they will this time too the Gladbach attack can keep under control. Their focus toward the players from Brunswick primarily on the Gladbach ball carrier Rodney Kinlaw, in contrast to the first leg will be there again. Against his legs, the Lions have had even flown in short-term American support. With the new addition DeMario Jones will make the team from Lower Saxony in the gaps in the central defensive line. On the part of the Mavericks is exacerbated by that of the best wide receiver Olaf Fries and Christian Lohmar fail injured.

For the Mavericks, but it will also be in the defense a different game. The Lions have recognized that they must improve their offensive line to find their playmaker Dennis Carpenter more time for his dangerous passes. They also want to establish their running game around the ball carrier Jabari Johnson and Sean Cooper. Insightful should have been here for the current table Third, the analysis of the game against the Mavericks Kiel. Only if the Gladbacher Defense again able to deliver top performance and even better than in the first leg of the attack has developed, the Mavericks will be able to exist in Brunswick.

If the bulls want to stay at the top turn, they must win in the den of the lions. Already at this stage, victory or defeat can become a decisive factor in the race to represent the allocation of seats in the playoffs for the German championship. But Brunswick can not afford defeat. In this case, they would fall back behind the Mavericks in the table. So there is enough dynamite in this encounter since the Lions defeat in the first leg pushes open nor particularly upset. Lions Head Coach Seth Womack noted at the time: “It was a totally unnecessary defeat. We lost against a very good defense and therefore we would not lose. ”


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