Can Pittman be the spark to help Stuttgart beat Marburg????

Just days after Lonnie Hosley returned prematurely to their homes, Markus Würtele, chairman of the ASC Stuttgart Scorpions and Matthias Mecherlein can, head coach of the Stuttgart Scorpions already present a new player in the shirt of the Bundesliga football player. Wesley Pittman ended up tonight in Stuttgart and has taken up directly with his new team training.

Pittman has played the last few years at East Carolina University football. Although he was in his early years as a receiver on the field, he trained in his college years in order to linebacker. He also was found in any special team returns. That this undertaking was so fast across the stage, was mainly due to its excellent contacts with Daniel Polk, who runs up known since the beginning of the season for Stuttgart as quarterback. Both played in high school football together. “We always had the desire nor time to play together again, ” Wesley Pittman said after his arrival in Germany. “This is it now just happened here in Germany in the GFL is exciting. I’m looking to help out the Stuttgart Scorpions to reach the goals this year. ”

Whether Wesley Pittman already in the upcoming game against the Marburg Mercenaries can present the home fans, remains to be seen. Matthias Mecherlein is confident that he now has a genuine all-rounder in the ranks, he can use flexibly to make the opponents on the pitch a hard time.


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