Brunswick attack to strong for Cardinals

S.Cooper... Supaman in for a Lions TD

After the kick-off by the Cardinals, the offense marched the Lions certainly directed by quarterback D. Zimmerman with some remarkable passes to D. Fryer and H. Heidary direction end zone of the Essenes. Finally, D. Zimmerman served with a 42 yard pass Muk Kang, the Brunswick 7-0 (PAT T. Goebel) took the lead for the first time. The Cardinals, with its U.S. – based receiver Louis Lee quarterback began their first offensive drive of the nervous and were quickly forced back strong presenting the defense of the Lions to punt.

But it took until the beginning of the second district game before the Brunswick attack could slowly work their end zone in the direction of the Cardinals. In between was inter alia a full-played or fourth attempt of the New York Lions repelled by the Essenes, but the Cardinals failed on the defense even Bulwark of the lions.

With a mix of races of S. Cooper and J. Johnson and passports to Heidary H. and S. Cooper, the offense moved the lion’s foot by foot forward. Ultimately it was left to S. Cooper from five yards for a touchdown and 13-0 lead (PAT no good) to enter into the end zone Assindia the Cardinals.

Immediately following it was again the Defense of Braunschweig, which caused a stir. J. Henderson saw a pass at the onset of the Essen quarterbacks L. Lee, intercepted them and took the ball back to the 30 yard line of the Cardinals. From the good field position of the Braunschweiger attack but could not capitalize and so the final per punt away from the ball. The Cardinals scented morning air and turned on now. Time and again it was especially running back Jimmy Lee Malone, who now took care of latitude of “Men in Blue”. Barely two minutes before half-time had fought the Cardinals to within four yards of the end zone before the New York Lions forward. With their backs to the wall but found the defense of the Lions back into the game and pushed back the following with the support of sanctions against the Cardinals this almost to the 30 yard line. The attempt by the Cardinals to score at least a field goal from 40 yards failed miserably. The Lions got a few seconds on the clock once the ball and tried a Trickspielzug about C. Bollinger to surprise the men from the Ruhr. Sorry, got the pass attempt of C. Bollinger was too short and so caught by the Essen-defense.

After the break it was again on the part of the Cardinals Jimmy Lee Malone, who challenged the defense of the lions in front of problems. With some interesting runs and a penalty against the Brunswick Defense, the hosts were again in front of the Brunswick end zone and the terminal touchdown. As has been before the half time break, the defense line of the lions, this situation needed as a trigger. Also, four out experiments ranged played the Cardinals do not win points. Sun Braunschweig came from the own three yard line again in possession and had only a play to its leadership to 19:0 (PAT no good) to expand. With a screen pass to H. Heidary levered D. Zimmermann from the defense of the Cardinals and the receiver of the Lions ran over 97 yards (new team record) all players on defense and away.

Probably still in shock by this point the success of the Lions, the Cardinals had three unsuccessful attempts in the fourth separated by Punt the ball. The Special Team of the Lions blocked this Puntversuch and brought their food colors 10 yard line again in possession. Could benefit the Lions this field position but not again. A pass from D. Zimmermann took the wrong recipient in person by Cardinals Defense Back Michael Dudeck, who brought it back by return mail, the “Men in Blue” in possession of the ball just before his own end zone.
The defense of the Lions was Lupp T. Cardinals quarterback now under strong pressure, so that it in turn threw an inaccurate pass exactly in the arms of Lions linebacker Kerim Homri. The remaining five yards into the end zone for the Essen 26:0 (PAT T. Goebel) bridged K. Homri then loose.

The fourth and final quarter of play on both sides were also using their backup times, so that became a lively exchange of blows in two directions.
Except for a 47-yard field goal attempt of the New York Lions by T. Goebel, however, jumped, no further significant attack Drive out of both teams, so the 26:0 represented the view of the lion city dwellers and the end result.

All in all, it was considered for the New York Lions duty, the expected victory, but revealed again that it is especially on the part of the offense is still a lot to do. Explicitly applies to the gaps in the offensive line, which caused by a lack of available players are to close as soon as possible. For the next task at home to the Mönchengladbach Mavericks (04 June) and then away against the newly crowned € Bowl finalists Berlin Adler (June 11), represent a very different challenge than the one you to cope with the brave fighting Assindia Cardinals had.


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