Mönchengladbach taken over by Hurricanes!!!

Kiel, 29 May 2011 – In a true football thriller set in the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes on Saturday night finally 27:20 (7:3 / 6:3 / 7:14 / 7-0) defeated the Mönchengladbach Mavericks. Before 2400 spectators at the Warsteiner Hockey Park offered the team an excellent idea, which was mainly in the final minutes no one in the seats.

“The Mavericks have now called for strong, but in the end, the experience prevailed,” concluded Canes Head Coach Patrick ESUM the game.

The Hurricanes started strong. By long passes to Aaron Love and Cedric Charpilloz brought quarterback Jeff Welsh and his team to the 26-yard line of the Mavericks. From there, running back Michael Andrew took his first chance and fueled on through to the end zone. Julian Dohrendorf kicked the extra point for 7-0 in Kiel view. The defense held the Attack of the Mavericks in the first half well in control. Two quarterback sack by Malte cooling and Aaron Boadu meant a quick end for the first offense drive of the host. The pass defense, especially by Horn and Derik Falk POSDORF Gladbacher prevented in the next possession, the Mavericks reached the end zone and make do so with a 41-yard field goal by Danny Lange had.

Early in the second quarter, the Hurricanes were working once again with their passing game on the field. Tight end Cedric Charpilloz finally caught a 5-yard touchdown pass from Jeff Welsh to 13:3. The PAT failed. The Mavericks could re-adding wood with only a field goal to 13:6. Londen Fryar ended the Hurricanes the next attack with an interception, but the Mavericks could not continue to use the remaining minutes to half time.

In the third quarterback Chris May took his team with a long punt return to the half of the hosts and Michael Andrew provided with two powerful runs for the needed extra space for the development of leadership for the Hurricanes. Julian Dohrendorf increased to the point after touchdown to 20:6. But now turned the offense on the Mavericks. Running Back Rodney Kinlaw carried the ball into the end zone of Kiel. The subsequent two-point conversion was not the hosts. Shortly thereafter Kinlaw his team back into the field half of the Hurricanes and quarterback Colin Clancy finally found a 13-yard pass receiver Olaf Fries. The two-point conversion on Florian Pawlik this time was successful and the Mavericks reached just before the start of the final quarter of the 20:20 balance.

But the Baltic Hurricanes responded. Michael Andrew tanked for 18 yards for his third touchdown and after the PAT by the Kiel led with 27:20. Now, increased both the voltage and the volume in the Hockey Park again. First, the Hurricanes forced the Mavericks after three attempts to punt and then tried a 58-yard field goal, which did not succeed. With still 2:30 minutes to play, the hosts got the ball back and pressed towards the end zone. With Kinlaw and runs through a pass to Chris Würz the Mavericks came up to the Kieler 10 yard line. When to go only 28 seconds on the clock, the second attempt, and four yards and no timeouts, tried to get an equalizer Mönchengladbach, but Colin Clancy could not bring his three passes in the end zone at the man. Sun kept Theobald, the bull of the oracle-Mavericks, the first not right in his forecast, which predicted a narrow victory of the bulls.

In order for the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes remain unbeaten on top of the GFL Nord. Next Sunday the Canes to connect to their third away game in a row. In Essen, the Cardinals Assindia wait for the German champions.


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