Longhorns falls 27-0 to Diamonds

The Darmstadt Diamonds were on Sunday (May 29) in the 2 Football-Bundesliga enter their second victory. Against the Weinheim Longhorns TSG-football player could for a point-less first half at the end both of 27-0 (0:0, 0:0, 21:0, 6-0) win. The Darmstadt touchdowns fell by Lukas Faudt, Michael Sott, Daniel Fischer-Wenz and Dominic Schreiber.

In the first half of the game both offensive formations while moving the ball, but before the end zone was always final. In general, the defenses of the game have left their mark. Guests contributed five turnovers (two interceptions and three fumbles), the Darmstadt least three.

The Longhorns knocked first at the end zone and stood for a long pass from Geno Waters Marvin Thiel at the Darmstadt 1-meter line. But the defense of South Hesse held all four experiments was run, so that the Weinheimer remained without points. The Diamonds in turn stood seconds before the half time whistle seven meters from the end zone, but even among them did not succeed. So you went with a 0:0 in the cabins.

During the break, the Darmstadt coaches had apparently found the right words. Even the first series of attacks in the second half took the first touchdown for the Footballer of the Darmstadt TSG 1846th After runs by Andreas Baumann and Daniel Fischer-bridged Luke Wenz Faudt the last four yards for 7-0 lead (extra point by Nenad Prodanovic).

The score came after the bill is not going. A crashed Punt by Kevin Klein could be brought under control so that the Diamonds were in front of the Weinheimer end zone the ball. Michael Sott erlief the touchdown due to 14:0.

In direct exchange, the defense was re-Diamonds on the alert: Patrick Karolewiez intercepted a pass from Longhorns quarterback Waters and carried him back to 20 yards in front of the guests end zone. Daniel Fischer Wenz erlief shortly after the pre-decisive 21:0.

But the hosts dominated the defense continues: In the ensuing offensive series of Weinheim Diamonds defender Dominic Schreiber could intercept a pass from Waters and 45 yards carry back well into the end zone for the 27-0. The guests crowded into the episode on the “honor Touchdown and worked their way (as in the first half) approach to three feet to the end zone, but the defense held once again on Darmstadt. So it was with the break-even game.

Most noticeable players at the Darmstadt Andreas Baumann were over 150 meters space gain by running game, and Tino Lang, who led the defense with 6 tackles and a forced fumble.

The Longhorns have been on Sunday the possibility of revenge, because then the Darmstadt travel to return to Weinheim.


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