Head coach Shuan Fatah,Wise,and Callahan Leads Raiders into the Euro Bowl vs Berlin Adler

The Tirol Raiders stand for the third time in four years in the Euro Bowl. In an exciting game they sat down, thanks to a last-minute field goals with 13:10 (0:7, 7:0, 0:3, 6:0) by against the Vienna Vikings. The key man of the match before 3900 spectators at the Tivoli stadium was kicker Dennis Wiehberg. He scored about two minutes before the end of the equalizer and scored the Tyrol with the last play of the game with a 34-yard field goal in the final of the “crown of Europe.” In the final on 18 June Tyrolean now take on the defending champion Berlin eagle in the second semi-final after a dramatic game play as well with 32:30 enforced against the Graz Giants.

“I feel great,” said Wiehberg happy after the game. “After I had previously missed two long field goals, I wanted this last kick of course more than anything else. Now to play against Berlin is for me as a Berlin something special. “This opinion is not alone Wiehberg. Also for Tirol Raiders Head Coach Shuan Fatah is the final duel against the Eagles something special. Finally, Fatah and led the Berlin Adler in the previous year to € Bowl title. “This is the hammer,” he said. “This is a great game. Vienna it was against the expected serious duel. Both sides have given nothing. As our defense has played today was just incredible. Keeping the Vikings on ten points, which does not create many. ”

The defense allowed the Tyrolean the Viennese only 192 total yards and forced six punts. Defensive Back Manuel iron leaders also began an interception. Running Back Florian Grein scored 116 runs at 20 yards. Wide receiver Talib Wise did not just 3 balls for 34 yards and had 2 runs for 9 yards, but also played as a cornerback. Quarterback Kyle Callahan brought in 8 of 16 passes for 103 yards with two interceptions. He also had 10 runs for 48 yards and a touchdown.

The first drive of the game belonged to the Vikings – but not for long. At the third turn, began iron leader from a pass from quarterback Chris Gross on their own 40-yard line and carried him to the center line. But the campaign gave the ball back a little later with a fumble by Callahan at the own 41-yard line. Running back Tony Hunt was then up to the 29-yard line. Shortly thereafter, he ran through the center 29 yards for a touchdown. The extra point was, and Vienna resulted 8:40 minutes before the end of the first quarter 7-0.

The Tyrolean then began after a touchback on their own 20-yard line. After a short run by running back Andrew Hofbauer Callahan raised Wide Receivcer Pascal Maier, who up to the Vienna 38-yard line ran. But Callahan was back under a mistake. Under pressure, he threw a deep pass by wide receiver / cornerback Chauncey Calhoun at the Vienna 22-yard line was intercepted. But a tackle for loss of space from linebacker Phillip Margreier and a bag of defensive end Reinhard Pardeller forced a Viennese Punt.

The Tirol Raiders began at their own 19-yard line. Callahan was only 4 yards and then sprinted up to the 43-yard line of the Viennese. Grein tanked then to progress to the 31-yard line. Shortly afterwards the home side tried it with a 51-yard field goal attempt by Wiehberg. The kick was too short.

The defense then forced another punt Vienna. At their own 20-yard line brought Startend runs of wide receiver James Dieplinger, Grein, wide receiver Andrew Pröller and Hofbauer brought 18 yards. A penalty against Vienna brought 15 more yards. Shortly after, Callahan threw a 16-yard pass to Wise, who came thanks to a hurdle to leap over a defender to the Vienna 24-yard line. A pass to Pröller brought another 7 yards. Grein then ran up to the 2-yard line. Callahan then scored with a 2-yard touchdown run. After the extra point it was 5:50 minutes before the end of the 2nd District 7:7.

Vienna the next drive started at their own 24-yard line. But after a quick first down punten had guests for the third consecutive year. The Tyrolean then started at the own 32-yard line. Grein opened the series with a 13-yard run. But shortly after a long pass from Callahan at the Vienna 3-yard line by cornerback Daniel Aubé was intercepted. Calhoun caught a ball with one hand on the Vienna 23-yard line and took his team to the danger zone. At the next turn, defensive end Robert Zernicke United slumped to a 10-yard line. Thus it went with a 7:7 draw in the half.

After a good kickoff return by safety John Clements began the second half of the Tyrol’s own 40-yard line. They could use the good starting position but not the first time and had to punt. Following Maier’s Punt Vienna started at their own 19-yard line. A pass to Calhoun brought a first down at the 34-yard line. Then there was big wide receiver Laurinho Walch for 11 yards. Two more passes of Great brought to Vienna, the 19-yard line. A tackle by safety Mark Krause to tight end Daniel Stanzel prevented a first down. But kicker Peter Kramer struck from 29 yards to 10:7 for Vienna. There were 4:31 minutes in the third quarter to play.

Clements took the ball back in the subsequent kickoff to the 44-yard line. Callahan started with a 5-yard run. Then fueled Grein to advance to the Vienna 36-yard line. Callahan then ran 13 yards and 3 yards. Shortly thereafter, Grein ran a pitch 16 yards. But linebacker Chris James Callahan then snatched the ball a few inches from the end zone and ran up to the 11-yard line. The defense of the Tyrolean forced a punt but quickly. After a return of the Wise Tirol Raiders began at the 37-yard line score. They came up to the 34-yard line. Again, she tried a 51-yard field goal. This time the kick flew just over from Wiehberg.

Vienna then started at the own 34-yard line. After a bag Walch began a 10-yard pass Pardeller Gross brought the third attempt to land and the Vienna Puntet again. However, the Vikings forced a punt and then in turn also. A penalty against Vienna’s special teams gave the Tyrolese than 15 yards and a new first down at their own 26-yard line. Callahan began with a 9-yard run. Wise then began a 12-yard pass from Hofbauer A run took nine yards. Grein then ran up to the Vienna 35-yard line to a new first down. Again, it was Grein, who received the ball and this time scored 6 yards extra space. He then ran 5 yards. A penalty brought the Tyrol to Vienna on the 12-yard line. Grein was good 5 yards. But the drive has stagnated. A 25-yard field goal by Wiehberg took 1:57 minutes before the 10:10-balancing.

After the kickoff, the Vikings started at their own 23-yard line. But as so often this evening was to defend the Tirol Raiders on the spot and forced a punt after three incomplete passes. The attack by the home side came 1:23 minutes before the end of the center line on the ball, Callahan began the drive with a pass to Maier on the 26-yard line. Wise is then fueled with runs of 6 yards and 3 yards to the 17-yard line. From there Wiehberg shot with a 34-yard field goal, the Raiders Tirol at 13:10 and win the final.


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