Adler moves on to Euro Bowl after a close call with Graz

Thanks to a spectacular comeback in the second half in which they were able to make up a 21-point deficit to pull the Berlin Adler for the second consecutive year and third time overall in the Euro Bowl one.

Everything was done for a great football night – and kept the game what it promised. The Berlin Adler, one of the most traditional teams in Germany, received the Graz Giants, one of the oldest and most successful Austrian teams. Already 10 plays the Giants have secured the championship in Austria, to get three wins in EFAF Cup. The eagles were warned, not least because of the defeat against Graz in EFAF-Cup 2006.

The Magnificent Three
Before the game, the bad news piled up at the eagles. In the last few games had so many players injured, that Oliver Flemming, Oliver Friedrich and Oliver Schmeling – who had already finished her career – determined, but again aground for the eagle.

After opening with the inlet of the teams and the playing of national anthems, the semi-finals kicked off. First Defense dominated both formations the game. As a pass defense of the eagle from the English referee crew as pass interference was seen, there was a kink in the game of the eagle. Shortly after the start of the second quarter was Giants quarterback Chris Gunn (# 12) for 3 yards for the first touchdown of the game. After the PAT, it was 0:7 for the guests.

The Eagles offense had to hand the ball quickly and the guests scored again. This time, Max began Taurer (# 89) a 18-yard pass at 0:14. And again, the Eagle offense was not much. The result was a renewed Punt, who brought the Giants back in possession. This time joined Armando Ponce de Leon (# 15) to drive off with a touchdown. The PAT was developed by Mathias Ornig (# 3) is transformed, so that was a sobering half-time 0:21 on the scoreboard.

Return of the Black and Yellow
To start the second half, got the wire, the right of attack and it seemed as if another team would come out of the cabin. They fought, the moves were successful and were the first points not long in coming. A 21-yard pass from Tory Cooper (# 22) brought the connection-TD.
And in the third quarter of Graz melted together lead to just seven points: Voehinger Daniel (# 12) began a 4-yard pass. Hope to germinate.
In the final section game came thick and then the events: while those of her fans cheered Fenet hosts had a field goal or take the Giants to 14:24, but the Eagles defense could thereby prevent at least a touchdown.

Like the Giants, the Eagles reached by kicker Justin Sterz (# 19) a 32-yard field goal. So the eagles were back to only 7 points.
To the surprise of the audience – and the Graz players – the Eagles tried an onside kick now – and they could conquer it. Once again, the end zone of Giants targeted and Danilo Gonzalez Naranjo (# 23) caught a 10-yard pass for a touchdown. Now it wanted to know the eagles. You-level a break and then came to the 2-point conversion that Gonzalez finished successfully. The Stadionuhr showed about 2 minutes and 33 seconds remaining time and the Eagles were the first time took the lead.

In subsequent kickoff, the Giants lost the egg and the Eagles offense came back on the field. Seconds later, Tory Cooper was about 40 yards into the end zone again stormed: 32:24!

The Giants did not yet: Chris Gunn ran for a touchdown (32:30), but the Eagle defense was able to block the conversion attempt. The expected onside kick the Giants were able to capture the eagle. They let the clock tick down, as far as it went and the ref after a short time later stretched the ball into the air, it was clear: the Berlin Adler are, as in the previous year € Bowl, the Champions League final of American football! Fans and players are after this success, which was marked by two very different halves, exulting in his arms.

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