Berlin takes on Graz

Out of necessity, the Berlin Adler now making a virtue. Because of the continuing injury problems both in defense and in attack three experienced players for the Euro Bowl semi-final against three players were reactivated, the Grazer, who in recent years significantly influenced the game in Berlin. Against the Giants to strip Oliver Flemming (Defensive Back), Oliver Friedrich (linebacker) and Oliver Schmeling (running back) once the pads and helmet. The veterans will support the team in the battle for the final.

RB Oliver Schmeling to close the gap which is caused by the failures of his two colleagues Cedric Macia and Björn Warnstedt, to some extent. His most recent until now playing for the Black-Yellow has Schmeling contest last year in the German Bowl against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes and did after the defeat actually stop the football games, his team, but promised that he would be in an emergency you may have. This emergency has now occurred.

Likewise did Fleming and LB DB Oliver Oliver Frederick the helmet with the wings of the well-known nail hanged. But when the need is greatest, did the two old eagles old team does not let in the rain. Despite the bad news in the camp of the defending champion is expected from the players and coaches against the Graz Giants chances. “We have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the Giants very well. The team is definitely to beat, “says Oliver Flemming, who since fall of last year, he was sports director at the eagles.


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