GFL South Game of the Week!!!! Can the Phantoms stop Clark??

For the phantom, it is already the seventh game of the season, a benefit for the supposedly better-established outsider? “Marburg has a seasoned team with experienced GFL-stretching and not least a high ball to remarkable U.S. carrier Joe Clark. I do not think it is for us a great advantage to have already completed three times in games. Especially since more with every game our injury list was, during the Marburg will travel with a relatively new team, “Phantoms head coach sees the starting position.

A particular action can have the Phantoms come up for the audience, immediately after the home game against Dusseldorf premiere in April by the failure of the electronic ticket system came from gate opening to long lines at the box office. “Bring a Friend” that allows each viewer to get his ticket a second ticket of the same category. Without additional costs. Whether season ticket or day ticket in the “2 for 1” scheme, any viewers make use of.

Of course we would be pleased by the Phantoms on a similarly well-filled stadium as the first in the new stadium, 1,200 people attended the Helmut Schoen sports park populated. Vocal support, the Gloss team need to, because sports are the roles distributed clear: The Phantoms are even more clear underdog against the team from success coach Joe Roman, seeking in this year, a semi-final, at least. For the last and only German Bowl participation of Marburg marks the fifth time this season

Around the game there will be musical entertainment by “predator”, the only Wiesbaden Guggenmusik Chapel, which will provide before the kick-off mood. In addition, the exhibit DLRG Wiesbaden-Biebrich, and the fire department vehicles from the city center.

It is worthwhile to be in time to before the game starts at 16:00 in the clock-Helmut Schön Sports Park at the Berlin Street and support the local Phantoms in the fight against the favorites from Marburg.

A day later, on Sunday, received the junior Phantoms at 16:00 clock in the European quarter, the Mainz Golden Eagles for the fifth match in the junior league. The team of Felix Schaeffler seeks fifth win of the season against the upstart, against whom they had been in the first leg on the left side of the Rhine with 34:13 successful.


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