Canes vs Mav’s !!!!!

Saturday the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes to connect at the Mönchengladbach Mavericks. Kickoff in the Warsteiner Hockey Park at 19 clock. After the Hurricanes the lead in the GFL North last weekend with a victory over the Dusseldorf Panthers conquered them is now with the Mavericks before the next heavy opponents. In four games, had to take Gladbach has only one defeat against the Berlin Adler in purchasing. Thus they are only slightly worse due to the difference in points behind in third place Dusseldorf.

2010, the bulls managed to climb out of the GFL two highest German league. Large proportion of this was quarterback Colin Clancy, who also directs the offense this year the Mavericks. In addition, the Moenchengladbach have stepped in attack with running back Rodney Kinlaw. The Americans bring a lot of experience with them to Germany. After his time at the Penn State Nittany Lions, he was at the 2008 New York Jets signed. In 2009 he played in the Canadian Football League.

In Defense of the Mavericks could Londen Fryar and Adam Goloboski recorded as other American newcomers. Fryar was until 2009 an outstanding cornerback at Western Michigan University. 2010, wrote the son of NFL legend Irving Fryar for the New York Giants an NFL contract, but was released later. Goloboski to 2007 was linebacker at Richmond College and recorded each year, more than 100 solo tackles. Most recently, he played in 2010 in the Arena League with the Baltimore Mariners.

Also strengthen the Dutchman Stan van Shechem and Christian Mohr on the defensive line of Moenchengladbach. Van Sichem played several years in Canada at the college and the CFL. The 31-year-old Mohr is likely the Kiel Football fans yet be a household name. Played in 2009, former NFL lineman for Europe Baltic Hurricanes. There is another reunion with Lenny Greene. The defensive back was for years an integral part of the Hurricanes’ defense and also active in the national team. Last year he was with the national team and his current head coach Walter Rohlfing European champions.

Last weekend, the Mavericks beat the Dresden Monarchs superior to 40:14 and made it clear that they want to establish themselves as a climber, not only in the GFL but up to play. Since the support of Mike Pinkard for Canes Head Coach Patrick ESUM comes at exactly the right time. The former NFL tight end and NFL Europe is currently working in the offense and was one of the Hurricanes on Monday morning after his arrival with Coach ESUM over video and scouting reports


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