Jamaal Jonas -N- “The players corner”

Jamaal Jonas

Jamaal Jonas Weinheim Longhorns

Today would be may 20th 2011 and as of right now me and my team the weinheim longhorns are down 1-2 in the south. Our first game we came out ready but at the same time shaky due to the fact that it was the first game of the season. we was playing a team that had just moved up to the GFL 2 south and didn’t really know what they had to offer. With great efforts from both teams it was “us” the Longhorns that ended up with the W.G.Waters went 10-16 with 186 in the air B.Tuck had his hands on it 11 times for 126 and a trip on da ground,and M.Theil snached it out the air 6 times for 136 and 2 trips shows that we have a strong Line to fight and fight all day like that for them to do they work. The D what can i say we seem to be a very strong and skilled Defence but at the same time very young. We have a few small things to work on and i think that we could have one of the top if not the top D in the League.We gave up 364yards on 68plays.A.Stoerch had 7 stops with an INT,D.Derbruc added 6 stops as well with and INT, and I myself ended up with 10 stops a fumble recovery(not noted in stats**) with 2PBU(**) to round out the top 3 stoppers of the Day. That took us to a 1-0 start for the season….. The next week looked blind as well for the team as well as myself,not knowing anything of what this team from way down south had to bring to the table. The Day started at 5 a.m for me with a 1hr drive to the bus and the team, trying to get my mind right for this 6-7hr bus trip then the game stepping right off the bus. Thats already a test many don’t understand lol. But landing in Kirchdorf way way down south we found a very hungry wildcats team. This would be they first game of the season and coming from the 3rd league they felt they had something to prove and for us the Longhorns to be coming from GFL 1 to 2 they really felt they had even more to prove. This game again was a very very hard-fought game on both ends. Back and forth the whole game Waters(Weinheim) and Scanlon(Kirchdorf) but it came down to a costly mistake late in the 4th that gave the Wildcats even a window of faith to win that game it was close but i personally feel we gave them that W. If not for the turnover we march down take time off the clock and score goin up possibly by 8 with very little time, but that was not the case we will take that L. OH and might I add they stat person needs lessons some one please help them LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. 1-1 …. This past weekend we had to face Mr.Danny Washington former Weinheim Longhorn do it all player and Current National Player for team Germany. (Nuff Said) . We took that L 53-0 !!!! ouchhhhh …….. For the 2nd game Vs Mannheim it was pretty much the same outcome but im very very proud and happy to say that me and my team came out and put up a fight after that first game. We showed that we do have what it takes to battle,it’s just right now every thing isn’t coming together right. As for right now the focus is now on Frank Grimm and the Diamonds. I’ve played this team just last season and i pretty much have a good idea what to look for but they are a very good strong team that will most def show up to play.
As for the Diamonds the first game started out as expected. They came out ready to play and with a game plan. We played a very tight first half hold the D for both teams played very strong to where it was 0-0 at the half.3qt was a bit one sided as the D gave up 21 points.The game ended 27-0, i ended up with 9 tackles and an interception. The second game would be a bit more harder not that us 2 teams has faced each other back to back. We yet again played a tight game that ended in the 4th with a fumble that cost the Horns the game lol.The final would end up being 26-20 D.D. After the first game i noticed that the ball was going away from me most of the game and from talks with some guys i found out that was the plan lol.(NO FLY ZONE)(zone5)…i ended up with 5 tackles and a pbu. Heading into the game vs the Greifs we had strong feelings being that we beat this team early in the year. Dont get me wrong they are a very strong team that plays good ball, its just we didnt see them being as strong as they are. We went in kind of cocky and ended up with a 17-17 tie which was b.s due to 2 are 3 TD’s called back. I really feel as if they had a lil bit more up from the zebras. I only played the 2nd half and that was from time to time .. with a lil under 10 secs to go they where inside the 10 looking to kick the winning FG when zone5 breaks pass the line to disrupt the kick and save the tie.Not much to say about the ever so cocky Kinghts team from the deep south. They have been the top team in the GFL 2 south for a few years now,and from the looks of things this year they might have the shot at going up next season which in my book they wont even be a middle of the road team with the 2011 roster they have but hey i know some good guys down there and wish them the best but its not goin down in the 1st league how it is this year lol so have ur fun now Kights. As for the game vs the worst team in the league we blow it .. was so amped about the news of guys that might have left the team ,they ended up bring in a a guy to take over at QB and run the O and a damn good job he has done with the Pirates so far.We gave them the first win of the season lol damn damn damn ….. this past week was the first game of the season vs the Twisters a very good strong team that sits in 3rd. They came up to WL looking for a easy win but ened up getting a wake up call. Coming close to a L winning only 27-18 the Twisters say this week when the face us they will show the force that they are and will over power us …lol i cant wait to see this coach J.


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