Bandits sweeps Longhorns!!

On Saturday, the Rhein-Neckar Bandits began their home season. After having remained unbeaten in three away games, the Bandits would of course also win on home soil. That was the Weinheim Longhorns while local rival of the mountain road to guest, the lot went through the Derby more interesting character. In the first leg last Sunday was the Bandits in Weinheim enter with a clear 53:0 victory a comfortable victory. The Longhorns, however, came with the firm intention to Mannheim show is not back in similar form to let. The fears of Mannheim side, the players would take the encounter seriously enough seemed to be used not entirely from the air, as the Bandits directly with two penalties at the kickoff and subsequent re-kick in the game started (Offside / Kick start Out of Bounds)

As the game turned out, however, that at least on the part of the Mannheim attack fears had been wrong. The Bandits were on offense last week its profit from improved and ran Time and again, with all their running backs across the field. could share The fact that national player not only Danny Washington accents in the game, but the other attacker Andi Novak, Pascal Egeler, Daniel Messling and QB John Mannsee were successfully integrated in the attack series, thanks to the Mannheim and their O-Line, which the defense from Weinheim time after time dominated. So you could post at the end of the game 59 points to the Mannheim site.

The defense of the Bandits could not be linked in comparison to the offense to its “zero point” from the first leg. The Weinheimer Offense to their American QB was better on the defensive set than in the man’s home first leg. This enabled the Weinheimer about the passing game again and again points to get on the scoreboard. The returning players Navaz Felix and Arthur Phillips showed so after the end of the game with the Defense performance, despite the victory, not content. Despite the rivalry of both teams from the region was the game for long stretches hard but fair. The long injury break at the end of the third Quarters overshadowed an otherwise thereby in part, from Mannheim view, successful football afternoon.

The Bandits do at this point the injured player from Weinheim speedy recovery and hope the injury is not serious and he will soon be able to intervene actively in the game. Moreover, like the players and coaches all the fans for their support.

The very next Sunday the Seniors travel to their next game away to Karlsruhe. Waiting there with the climbers from one griffin bathing the regional league. Once again, we would be delighted to again have a large number of Mannheimer are accompanying.

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