Wroclaw rivalry “The Crew” vs “The Devils”

Much time has passed since the two teams played a match from Wroclaw determining the outcome of the league in the country? 21 May The Crew Wrocław and the current Polish Champion Wrocław Devils will fight the battle with rivals for the inter-participant 4 of 6 matches Polish Championships, The Crew Wroclaw.The winner will gain some first place in the league and will be the favorite to win the Polish Championships in July. The loser will likely still be the second best team in the country. This shows how great is domincja Wroclaw in the fastest growing sport in the Polish-American Football.

Kup bilet już teraz w naszym sklepie i zaoszczędź 50% by zobaczyć to wspaniałe widowisko- oferta Trwa do końca tygodnia (niedzieli 15. Maja) Buy a ticket already in our store and save 50% to see the magnificent spectacle-offer lasts until the end of the week (Sunday 15th May)

Mecz odbędzie się 21. The match will be held on 21st Maja na Stadionie Olimpijskim we Wrocławiu ul. May at the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław. During the match will compete for the two groups of dancers hottest sports-Sista Crew and Devilettes, and fans waiting for a professional comment, and a lot of sweepstakes and prizes to be won during the match, including kamera HD firmy Sony. Sony HD camcorder. Zapowiada się pełna emocji sobota we Wrocławiu. Promises to be full of excitement Saturday in Wroclaw


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