Diamonds ready for Griefs!!

This coming Saturday (May 21) received the Footballer of the Darmstadt Diamonds in the home stadium at the Baden Böllenfalltor Griffin from Karlsruhe. Kick-off of 2nd batch Bundesliga by 16 clock.

The Diamonds had the thankless task of their season against the two most likely opponents of the year to begin. Against the Rhein-Neckar Bandits from Mannheim and the Franks were Knights of Rothenburg two defeats for the South Hesse. In the last two weeks we have worked hard there to remedy the error.

Against the griffin, the Diamonds will be without injured still in the Peter Cook, have access but also the first time at the two newbies Rodolphe Kevin Chan and Raheja.

Both teams met last in 2000 in the 2 Bundesliga each other. At that time each team won one game.

The griffin could decide last year, the Regional center as a master for himself and sat down by the rise-Allgau relegation against the Comets. This season for the Karlsruhe with the difficult task possible to trefe the top favorites Franken Knights. The Baden did surprisingly well, but still covered with 12:27 to lose out. A week later we had the first division relegated from Weinheim compete, where they lost narrowly in a thrilling match 30:33. Even against the strong Holzgerlingen Twister could keep up, but had to bow at the end with 22:25.

The first home game then you had to pay for the Kirchdorf Wildcats learned the hard way, because the gripping subject quite well with 20:48.

The attacking formation of Karlsruhe is tailored to fit the game. Quarterback Felix Bleimund previously threw for almost 250 yards per game space gain, which he distributes the ball as many pass receiver. His favorite face-off stations are main Lukas Green and Paul Sieffert. The most successful ball carrier is so far Daniel Steffen.

On Saturday, then meet in Karlsruhe Böllenfalltor Stadium strong pass offense (the second best in the league) at the Darmstadt pass defense (the best in the league). The omens for a great game are set.


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