(3)Mavericks to host (6)Monarchs

The meeting at the local hockey Mönchengladbach Mavericks Park on Saturday, 21 May against the Dresden Monarchs promises to be a very special sporting treat. Both teams must win, they want to achieve their sporting goals. The aim is for the Dresden Monarchs to a lot. The team from Saxony is after a win and three defeats already under pressure. Here, the Monarchs traded before the season has been very high. With Tyler Graunke American quarterback from Hawaii College have the same cities over an excellent playmaker. Ball carrier with Larry Croom is the Dresden at this position is probably the best player in Germany. Croom has already played the Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions, San Diego Chargers and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the best league in the world, the National Football League.

The pass attack of the Monarchs is considered extremely dangerous and caught. With international Jan Hilgenfeldt and the current top-scorer Sebastian Krech are best face-off stations. But in the defense, the men are from the Elbe as a compromise. With the U.S. Linebacker Adrian McCoy and Patrick O’Neill and the GFL Player of the Year Burkhard Vogt is a defense line to Moenchengladbach, which has it all. Dresden had been against the top teams from Kiel (24:28), Braunschweig (10:14) and take Berlin (10:14) and got only very slightly. In the last game against Berlin was superior to the team from Saxony and got very unhappy.

The Mavericks go in a different guise in the encounter. As a newbie to GFL with two wins against Saarbrücken and Brunswick and a loss to Berlin a positive point total. The goals for the season with the Mavericks are ranked lower. In the first place one would like to keep the league. Victories against the top teams in the league (Berlin, Kiel, Braunschweig, Dresden) are not necessarily on the list of bulls. Still want the Moenchengladbach Footballer early as possible secure the league. If would also succeed in Dresden against a surprise success, would be on track early. Therefore, it will be important for the players from the city Vitus and again, to stand against the powerful Monarchs attack.

The Mavericks’ defense has been put towards a great season and I want as long as possible keep their own end zone clean. The attack was the Mavericks in the season so far less constant. In addition to good performance in the first game of the season was a total failure to Berlin (0:16). Against the strong defense Brunswick had back problems. In addition currently injury-related losses occur at the bulls. Playmaker Colin Clancy is tarnished and the use of ball carrier Rodney Kinlaw is questionable. Head Coach Walter Rohlfing commented on the situation: “We have to go in this game to our limits and we struggle through. It is again very difficult and it will be important, as reflected our attack. ”

For all the skepticism has mounted a very optimistic bull Theobald. When obligatory bull-oracle he was confident of a victory of its own kind. So much tension can be in the audience Hockeypark therefore only right. Apart from sports enthusiasts, visitors can look forward to the game a great program. The Mavericks have also this time
entertaining program to clock 18.15. With the father-son contest, a performance by the rock group “WAYNE”, and the half-time Special Dog Frisbee with the “Sky Dogs” cater for your entertainment. With “Ben” the former world champion and reigning German champion Frisbee dog shows dog trainer Karin Actun what their four-legged friends on it.

21. May 2011
Mönchengladbach Mavericks – Dresden Monarchs
Hockey Park Mönchengladbach
Kickoff 19 clock


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