Phantoms win in offensive battle

German to English translation

Five touchdown passes from Adam Hazel sufficient for the Footballer of the Plattling Blackhawks on Sunday not to retract against the Wiesbaden Phantoms before 350 spectators for the first win of the season. Defense, however, the Blackhawks had a strong running game score counter anything, and in the last quarter could have traveled with about 40 players Hessen settle decisively.

Already in the first series of attacks showed the Phantoms what they plan on this day to come namely running game to succeed, and succeed very quickly by a touchdown by Dominik Vogt countries. The Blackhawks sat on the other hand completely on their passing game. QB Adam Hazel, who threw 66 passes that day, led his team on the field and always found his face-off stations. Andrew Blakley was ultimately the customer to 6:6 and after additional trials of Christian Jeranek they went 7-6 ahead. The Phantoms did not attend the Shootout and countered again in the next series of attacks in which they once Reuten some passes. Marius quarterback Mark Graf finally took his team after a long run with 13:7 in the lead and it went into the second quarter.

Adam Hazel bridged then, after both teams each have a series of attacks with no points completed, with passports of Sebastian Borowski and Andrew Blakley Borowski took the field and caught a pass in his team again with 14:13 lead. But this leadership was short-lived as three minutes before half-time was also the touchdown after a pass Wiesbadenern Marquis took a free scan with Eden’s station in the end zone. By a successful two-point attempt by Payne could go the Hessians with 21:14 lead. In the time remaining before half time the home side tried again in balance. The Phantoms, however, could stop the Black Hawks attack and as the home side a field goal tried this but failed. As the guests did, however, immediately lost the ball to second before half time again the chance for a field goal. Christian Jeranek made it better now and, for the 17:21 half-time.

The second half did not start successfully for the Blackhawks and had to leave after only three attempts to the field. Kevin Brüngel, which now has been active on the quarterback position for the Hessians a 62-yard pass to Eden managed to 28:17. The Black Hawks stayed tuned, however, and Andrew Blakley was shortly afterwards another touchdown. The additional test was again the combination of Hazel Blakley and thus was one again come within 25:28. could be stopped when the Phantoms in the next series of attacks then, hope was to turn the game now that you could. But the Lower Bavaria did not make it better and also had a punt away from the right of attack.

Thus, we took the narrow lead into the final quarter. Again, the Plattlinger the right of attack but they could not convert into points. And then they also underwent the Punt still an error, which allowed the Phantoms to take the ball near their own end zone. Using a 15-yard pass to Marquis Brüngel the guests then moved it to 35:25. Also, the next attack was quickly stopped and moved when the guests by a touchdown at 42:25 of Brüngel which the decision was made. The Blackhawks tried but again it all. Three minutes from time Dominic Haegele could pass by a trapped reduced to 32:42, but the Phantoms struck back immediately and went through another pass it on again on Eden Brüngel 49:32. The finale was the home side but even if Sebastian Borowski touchdown to 38:49 in the dying seconds only consolation was still.

Despite another defeat, it applies to the Blackhawks continue to look forward. The staffing situation has improved a bit and to Wiesbaden for a long time could be unbeatable. The Phantoms had to fight hard for their first victory, but the Karl Weinberger left the stadium as a worthy winner.

Next weekend it’s a long trip to Marburg. Here you meet the Marburg Mercenaries, which so far only denied a game this season. They came to the season opener at a 42:0 victory in the Plattlinger Footballers. The grapes hang so for the still winless Plattlinger very high.

0:6 D. Voigt 10-yard run (kick failed)
Andrew Blakley 7-6 5-yard pass from Adam Hazel (Kick Christian Jeranek)
7:13 M. Marquis 25-yard run (kick P. Ihl)
14:13 Sebastian Borowski 8-yard pass from Adam Hazel (Kick Christian Jeranek)
14:21 R. Edens 14-yard pass from Mark M. Graf (2 point run R. Payne)
17:21 Jeranek Christian 23-yard field goal
17:28 R. Edens 62-yard pass from Kevin Brüngel (Kick P. Ihl)
25:28 Andrew Blakley 26-yard pass from Adam Hazel (2 point pass from Adam Hazel to Andrew Blakley)
25:35 J. Mark Graf 15-yard pass from Kevin Brüngel (Kick P. Ihl)
25:42 Kevin Brüngel 1-yard run (kick P. Ihl)
32:42 Dominic Haegele 15-yard pass from Adam Hazel (Dany Emmanuel kick)
32:49 R. Eden’s 20-yard pass from Kevin Brüngel (Kick P. Ihl)
38:49 Sebastian Borowski 25-yard pass from Adam Hazel (2 point failed)

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