Longhorns rounded up by the Bandits

Before the derby Weinheim Longhorns against the Rhein-Neckar Bandits, there was a big issue. How would assume the return of ex-head coach Marvin Washington and his son Danny to Sepp Herberger-Stadion? Long were the two Washington, the main reasons for the rise of the Longhorns, now she wore with a 53:0 victory in their case.

Odd one might call the circumstances under which is then Head Coach Marvin Washington resigned. So it should have been on the one hand, the lack of support for Washington, which angered the coach – on the other hand, threw it to Washington against stubborn and inflexible to act on and off the field. Although Washington was “quietly” and the current Longhorns Head Coach Shawn McBrayer took over, but remained an aftertaste. Son Danny, the German national team player and in the former season hurt the Longhorns all-purpose weapon, remained until the end of the season and then went to Marburg, before he followed in his father this season with the Bandits.

The fact that the Bandits after the rather embarrassing appearance at the Frankfurt Pirates had to make good something was to note the team right from the start. The tough defense of the Bandits Weinheim kept asking almost impossible task, on the other side of the Mannheim made with the enemy almost what they wanted. Touchdowns by inter alia Andy Novak and Danny Washington screwed the game up at half-time high of 33:0, shortly after the start of the third quarter are set by Washington and urges once again after a run of 60 yards into the end zone one of the Longhorns. But fortunately for Weinheim, because a flag is on the field and the rally is canceled.

But as you proceed through the combination stands Andy Novak and Danny Washington out again and again, even if the Bandits now want a full back and a little act with the hand brake. “Only” three times to reach the end zone, Mannheimer the Longhorns, who have the offensive fireworks nothing to oppose.

Already this weekend, both teams meet again today, this time in Mannheim. Seven days, the Longhorns now time for error analysis and stopping it. Hard, however, is only one thing: a team that so presents plays, certainly not as head of Kris White hopes for 3rd Place the GFL South 2 with, but you have to watch this performance rather not have to be passed to the regional.


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