Lions have Cardinals for Lunch!!!

The New Yorker from Braunschweig Lions keep contact with the current head of the GFL Nord table. With a 38:0 home against the Cardinals was Assindia this standard problem is solved in the first half without much gloss and two important points that we need certainly to reach the playoffs, captured as planned. Brilliant action, spectators witnessed it all the more in the second half, when it heavily in the Lions offense rumbled and was generated by sustainable and successful passing a relatively high end result.

After eating and Brunswick completed their first two offensive games without point values, the Lions even showed initial problems and snap the ball against the knee of QB Dennis Zimmerman hit, could the second drive of the Essenes, the Lions Defense characterized the first time. Kerim linebacker intercepted a pass attempt Homri on the 31 yard line and therefore allowed for the opening pitch for the Brunswick attack. The axis Dennis Zimmerman – Christian Bollmann had to ask himself not long, and prepared her first highlight. A well thrown pass in the run route took care of the first great space saving and Sean Cooper erlief the next first down. Another pass at Bolling has even played right into the end zone and Essenes as a “Roughing the Passer” was detected, this catch was enough for the first touchdown of the day for the Lower Saxony. Next little resistance rendered the Essenes in the course of the first quarter and left again to recognize weaknesses in their pass defense. This one once again Lions QB Dennis Zimmerman and raised in the first round with a 18-yard pass to Hemaseh Heidary the lead.

While on the side of Cardinals running back Jimmy Lee Malone was a couple of good runs and collected the Essen playmaker Tom Lupp, also with a few, but brave it alone sympathy points, reeled off the New York Lions their repertoire sound and a little dull from time achieved by a 37 yard field goal by Tobias Göbel the half-time standings. Nevertheless, also had to put up with the Brunswick playmaker criticism, but he threw before half-time whistle an unnecessary interception, had a clean miss the flight path and was a top team GFL certainly exploited the points would be ice cold.

The third quarter finally showed a more dominant appearance of Lions Offense, produced the safe handoffs and allows ended QB Dennis Zimmerman time to switch and sway. The home side also succeeded a riskier game, played as a fourth test was and Sean Cooper showed his qualities as a pass receiver. The 20-yard pass reached his receiver and led to a deserved 23:0 answers, the Essenes, who declared definitively that they GFL in the eleventh game of Brunswick, as so often should be without double-point gain. Since does not help a reverse turn, the Lions linebacker Giancarlo Boone realized in time and band, and the desperate pass from eating QB Tom Lupp, which Benjamin Krahl in the fourth quarter of the sky gathered and more than 25 yards into the opponent’s end zone to 37: return 0 wore. The only around 1246 spectators, who were held on Sunday afternoon the way to the harmony stadium at the Hamburg road came, so especially in the second quarter of their money and saw a Lions team with emerging trend and the demand, this year the playoffs will be safely reached.


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