Berlin wins 14-10 in Dog-fight with Dresden

The Dresden Monarchs lose their second home game of the GFL season 2011. In an exciting and balanced conclusion to the match the Saxons were subject at the end runners Berlin Adler 10:14 (0:7 / 7:0 / 3:7 / 0:0).

It is on this Saturday evening in which one or other cold drink again many sets of “If” with “If” and put “buts.” Dresden in the first quarter would have not missed the start. What if the strong Tory Cooper in the third quarter would be marched through so easily. But not at least one of the two not given touchdowns in the fourth quarter would have to count? You may be angry after that game about the lost opportunities and controversial decisions. The bottom line was a Derby, deserved of the name. Two teams at eye level. Nearly 2,000 fans, including many traditional Berlin, loud above all the exciting, controversial and contested quarter final duel with the home crowd. A great atmosphere.

The runners got the better start. In the second drive it rang in the Monarchs end zone. Tory Cooper included a nice, fast and effective series plays the eagle with a run of nine yards for the first touchdown from (PAT Justin Sterz). Dresden, however, needed time to find the game. The defense had problems with the fast attack eagle. The offense did its part not moving. Only one interception by Benjamin Pansy brought life into Heinz Field. The Monarchs offense could not convert into points, unfortunately. Only in the middle of the second quarter burst of the nodes.
First, Tyler Graunke sat Dresden quarterback January Hilgenfeldt with a long pass in the scene, then was allowed to Larry Croom run a little, until it got Hilgenfeldt who caught a 19 yard pass in the back left corner of the Berlin end zone. Touch Down Monarchs plus extra point by Holger Hempel – compensation! It could have gone so on. Dresden was one and a half minutes before the break, again promising in the middle of Berlin. But this time Graunke threw a bad pass that Thomas could Felgate intercept for Berlin. Fortunately for Dresden and Berlin could not benefit from this turnover. Justin Sterz missed his second field goal, and so we went to break into the cabins.

Second period then had it in himself. Dresden’s offense was one of her most beautiful and strongest drives. Graunke varied, both Croom was on foot and his receivers, including Sebastian Krech, effective one. There were always accurate passes, which ranged in this way to first downs. And then set fire Croom his turbo. From their own 40 to the 10 yard line, he ran in Berlin in an incredible sprint. A touchdown was, unfortunately, not after. But the field goal by Holger Hempel arrived more than 26 yards and the 10-7 lead. But Berlin did respond – with the support of Dresden. Once Facemask, once Offside – Berlin quickly became the center line. And can then Tory Cooper showed how to fool as a running back and gaps Defense use, which actually are not there. The reward: after a long run, the goal line of the Monarchs. Touchdown number two for Berlin and ensure that the re guide (PAT Sterz 10:14).
That was the decision already has, as yet no inkling. Dresden reared up, but Berlin was always strongly opposed. Above all, the Eagles defense made it through the entire game, especially pressure on the Monarchs – O-line exercise. Again and again the defenders managed from the capital on the line a dangerous overweight and Dresden attack took as the necessary rest. Nevertheless, the hosts played spectacular! And apparently with success. First, it was again Hilgenfeldt, who could catch a pass from Graunke in the end zone. But the referee gave the ball out, although he was caught in the field. A little later Croom was on the road – right into the end zone. But the jubilation was the Monarchs faithful attachment again stuck in the throat. Holding on Dresden. No touchdown. A subsequent field goal hit the post. Again bad luck for Dresden, especially since they previously occurred goal attempt, but from a greater distance, failed.

In the end it was a final and decisive loose pass from Graunke, who made 28 seconds before the end of all hopes to naught. Final – 10:14 Berlin won!

arguing with the referees is easy and after so many controversial decisions that are comprehensible to the fans. Nevertheless, one must acknowledge that the runner-up twice used his opportunities ice cold and otherwise kept a cool head. And Dresden?
The Monarchs have shown once again what is a potential in this team. It is missing in the end, unfortunately, a little serenity and cleverness … and certainly get lucky. Maybe that comes in seven days if the Monarchs go to the much-vaunted climbers after Gladbach.


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