Waters,Tuck and Thiel leads the Longhorns pass the Greifs!!!!

On Sunday 1 May had both the A-youth and the men’s team the Weinheim Longhorns to play during a home game in the Sepp Herberger-Stadion. The A youth was there with the Rhein-Neckar Bandits from Mannheim to do. In the first half, showed the Weinheimer a good game and led to the Pausentee earned 12:6. Unfortunately, the performance could not be found on the whole playing time, forcing the young Longhorns defeated the Bandits at the end with 12:34.
In the second game of the day, the men’s team the Longhorns scored in their first match of the season in the 2nd Southern League (GFL 2) on the Baden griffin from Karlsruhe. Before the start of the game Weinheimer presented with the dealership Rainer Doll another sponsor for the season 2011. The car dealership Rainer Doll, a Kia Motors dealers in Weinheim, represents the department American Football & Cheerleading in cooperation with the American Diner flame & fire Venga a Kia and supports the Longhorns as a shirt sponsor.
Just in time by 16 clock, the game vs. Longhorns. Griffin kicked off. The Longhorns led from the kick-off and brought the griffin with a failed onside kick at once into good field position. The Griffin did not take long to be asked and took advantage of this gift to the 0-8 lead. This should remain the only points of the gripper in the first half. The Longhorns now moved during the game with touchdowns from Bryan Tuck, Geno Waters and Marvin Thiel and two extra points converted by Denis Derbuc it with 20:8. Shortly before the end of the first half, began a pass from Denis Derbuc Griffin’s quarterbacks and brought the Longhorns at the 1-yard line of the enemy once in possession. Sorry, could not beat the Longhorns from this good field position no longer any capital, two attempts did not bring the desired touchdown and the field goal attempt failed. In the second half, the Longhorns first played more confidently, QB Geno Waters scored another touchdown and extra point for the Denis Derbuc 27:8 leadership transformed. But now it was on the part of the Longhorns to certain of victory, so that it is now increasing number of errors allowed, unnecessary penalties and lapses of concentration, which brought Griffin back into the game. The griffin go after the other three touchdowns, including two extra points and a two-point conversion, so that the Longhorns were suddenly just before the rear end of the game with 27:30. Quarterback Geno Waters, which was a real asset to the play of the Longhorns, led his offense now unerringly towards the end zone Griffin. Because the Longhorns in the final phase of the game again highly concentrated went to work, the griffin had suffered at the end of another touchdown by Marvin Thiel to 33:30 Longhorns lead. The Longhorns defense defended doggedly, and again concentrated his own end zone, so that the griffin get any points in the final drive and the Longhorns the first competitive victory over a year could go home. Despite this victory, the Longhorns as the next training session before a lot of work. On 7 May it be away for the Kirchdorf Wildcats begin before then on 15 May 15 clock in the Weinheimer Sepp Herberger-Stadion is the Rhein-Neckar Derby against the Bandits from Mannheim.


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