Darren Harmon -IN- the players corner!!!!

… Alot of people have been talking bad about Dukes, not knowing the whole situation here at the IN. talking about the new 2011 players just came for money, and they will never get along together. A team pieced together like this with all these so called superstars would never work. I mean they have heard it all. The Dukes beat up on GFL 1 Plattling! Straight up whooped em and people still saying we overrated?!(Says D.Harmon of the Dukes) So coming into this game we had a chip on our shoulder. We all are family over here. From the jump we clicked right away. Great bunch of men, great attitudes. There is so much talent and experience on this team it’s almost unbealivable. The bond we have together tops it all.
We had to make a statement and from the opening kickoff that’s what we did. I believe I ran it back to the Straubing 20, and we never looked back. Punished them on the ground and the air. Touchdowns came from all our imports. Myself, I had two on receptions. Travis Harvey our Qb had one rushing TD. Sammy had a receiving TD and Derrick Wilson had a rushing TD. Came out real strong in the first half putting up 26 points. Second half was more of a chance for younger guys to play. Whenever things got sketchy coach Haaf would put the starters back in…32 to 3 was the final score but it was not even that close. We could have scored 50 easily. We still have some things to work on but we will only get better. I had one of my personal best games. You might have to confirm it with Sammy or someone but I know I had 140 or more from returns, 100 in the air and 50 rushing with 2 recieving TD’s. I’m looking forward to this game against the Rangers. This game will be broadcasted live and will set our tone for the remainder of the season.


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