Close call for the Longhorns !! 33-30

It began well for Baden. In the very first drive of the game the quarterback lead his offense to the end zone and Paul Weinheimer Sieffert verhelfen.Viel a touchdown gave it everything but not to celebrate for now. The hosts tied to other point of Griffin’s offensive success late sometimes but consistently. In return, they made ​​a well-structured running game that lived mainly by many bloom and the Karlsruhe defense was very difficult to reach the ball carrier at all, always great extra space. These garnished the gripping their own game too often with slight and unnecessary errors. That it is not in the GFL2 in this frequency can allow more, seems to be part of Baden’s conclusion.
With 20:8 we went into the break, from the Karlsruhe out very motivated to come, then had also endured the same the next stroke. The Weinheimer found right after the break another touchdown won for themselves. Then dawned the time of Griffin’s running back Daniel Steffen. Again and again, curved to Steffen in a confined space, the Weinheimer defender, ran to big plays and took care of the important First Downs. Steffen took 12 points for his Team.Er it was the worried then just before the final touchdown for short-term guide for Karlsruhe. The jubilation was great to have turned this game after all. Unfortunately, the Baden had still left too much time on the clock. Thus, the Longhorns gave again and gas was the game in the last minute to decide in their favor.


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